Friday, 15 January 2010

Christmas In the Hospitals

During the month of December, "Todo Por Una Sonrisa" (Anything For a Smile) (Clown Ministry that works with children in hospitals) has hosted activities in six hopsitals in Andalucia. The various teams prepared their Christmas programs for the following hospitals: Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cádiz, Jeréz Hospital in Cádiz, Macarena Hospital in Seville, Rocío Hospital in Seville, Maternity-Infant Hospital in Málaga and the Antequera Hospital in Málaga.

In each of the hospitals the teams had unique experiences but all were very touching, especially because during this season these small patients are very aware of their illnesses because they are very limited in the type of activities that they could normally participate in with their families. In spite of their limitations, the children and their parents and families were very open to the special activities and couldn´t wait to see what each team had prepared for them.

There were some very interesting moments where parents came up to different members of the teams, not only to thank them for their work, but also to open their hearts and share that the message of Jesus that was shared had touched them in a special way.

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