Thursday, 28 October 2010


On January 12, 2010, as a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook the foundations of Port‐au‐Prince, Haiti, Global Aid Network (GAiN) stood ready to respond.

With a million meals in country and a worldwide network of GAiN offices poised to aid in the recovery efforts through mobilizing people and resources with compassion, Global Aid Network began responding to the disaster. Medical and trauma care teams arrived at the ministry center school and clinic at Chambrun and began to treat the injured through the clinic and a mobile medical bus. In the United States, Canada, Germany and other European countries, containers filled with fortified rice and soy protein meals, baby food, medical supplies, antibiotics, blankets, hygiene kits and other relief supplies were prepared for shipping. By the end of January, over 3,000 people had been treated by 9 volunteer medical teams; and by the end of May, GAiN had mobilized 38 medical teams with 1,043 medical personnel to treat more than 20,154 people.

GAiN and Campus Crusade for Christ Haiti had housed 271 volunteers and staff from GAiN offices and its partners. These volunteers and staff conducted 165 distribution events benefiting 363,000 affected Haitians. Over 40 shipments provided over 4 million meals, 1,195 tents, 4,800 hygiene kits, and 1,300 mobility units (wheelchairs,walkers and crutches). Also, over 11,800 hollow fiber membrane water filters, designed to remove 99.9% of disease causing bacteria and capable of filtering 500 gallons of water a day were distributed to provide safe drinking water in a situation becoming increasingly ripe for disease and sickness.

As physical needs are met, the love of God is also being shared with the Haitian people. Jesus Film teams have shared the story of Jesus with 94,759 people in 95 different settings, with 3,321 people indicating a personal commitment to Christ. GAiN staff encountered a witchdoctor who had turned to Christ from voodoo after the earthquake, resulting in his wife deserting him and his three children. Our partner and national director of Campus Crusade for Christ Haiti shared that “after seeing the Jesus Film, some of the people who pray to receive Christ after the presentation are voodoo doctors who have come to realize that their religion is all a big lie. It’s not true. And they’re coming to the Lord.”

Destruction took only 35 seconds. Rebuilding will take the ongoing concern and generosity of the world for years to come.

We give thanks to God for all of our partnering teams that went to help those that need it the most. We also give thanks for the new life that many are experiencing right now, a life that no tremor nor disaster will be able to destroy.

Málaga Continues to Receive Help

Julia is the latest member to be added to the team of students in Málaga. She will be there as a STINTer for one year, working to share the gospel with university students in the city.

Here she introduces hersef so that we can get to know her:

"Hello. My name is Julia Schumann. I am from Chicago. I studied at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana to be a Spanish teacher. It was there at the university that I came to know God personally and receive Jesus Christ as my Savior. During the 4 years that was studying, the Lord did a lot in my heart and my life and when I graduated I decided to take a step of faith and come to Spain to work with Agape.

I´m very pleased to have the opportunity to serve the Lord and share His love with the students in Málaga. I give thanks to God for having opened this door for me and for being able to be a part of what He is doing in this country."

Welcome to the team, to the city and to the country Julia. We are very happy to have you here with us. May God bless you and use your time here to glorify Him.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Madrid Welcomes Joela

Joela arrived just a few weeks ago in Madrid. She comes from Germany to work as a STINTer with the Student Ministry. She sent us a few lines so that we could know her:

"Hello. My name is Joela. I´m 21-years-old and I am from Germany. I have been living in Madrid for 4 weeks. I work with Agape with the Student Ministry. Right now I´m studying Spanish, getting to know the country, the culture and the people. 

In Germany I worked in Agape with students for 2 years. At the end of that time, I had learned a bit about working with students in Germany, but I felt like I should have some new challenges. So, I decided to go to another country. In Spain, there are not many believers and I want to meet students and be salt and light. I want to talk to them about Jesus and tell them that He is the only way for us."

Thank you Joela. We welcome you and pray that your time here is very fruitful.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Working with Women in Barcelona

Some of our fellow staff women in Terrassa have started up their work again with immigrant Moroccan women at the Montserrat Roig Civic Center where they offer Spanish classes. There are 57 women registered for the classes with a long waiting list of others that would like to attend.

After such a good experience last year of teaching Spanish classes and being able to serve additional Moroccan women, and seeing the great need that exists, our fellow staff are now available to knock on new doors for ministry.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Ruben Rivera and Isabel Fernandez have an interview with the "Casa Galería" (The Gallery House) of Terrassa, the City Hall´s Center for Women. The goal is to introduce ourselves and know what the actual needs are in the city and how we can help. In addition, they will meet the Coordinator of Social Services.

In Terrassa 30% of the population are immigrants and 55% of them are Moroccan. Isa has asked for our prayers for the interview tomorrow... that God would open doors and that our staff would be able to serve in new ways and build significant relationships with these women.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sell Everything and Follow Me

This fall has seen a number of new laborers come our way. We welcome our latest recruit, Lindsey Zastrow, to the Athletes in Action ministry in Málaga. It´s amazing how God is calling and raising up people from all over the world to be part of His work. Lindsey´s story gives testimony to His sovereignty and creativity:

"Hello! My name is Lindsey or ´Lee,´ and I´m 23-years-old and I´m from Nebraska. This past June I finished my degree in sports marketing at the University of Colorado where I played softball and basketball.

It was just a year and a half ago that I gave my life to Christ. That same day I understood that God was asking me to leave everything and follow Him to take the Good News to others. I was confused. I had never noticed the presence of the Holy Spirit before, but it was really clear that He was asking me to leave everything to love and serve Him.

So, as my relationship with Jesus began to grow, His call for me stayed the same: leave everything and follow Him. I also sensed that God had given me abilities and gifts as an athlete and a coach in addition to my passion for Him, but I didn´t know how those 3 things could work together.

A friend encouraged me to get in touch with Athletes in Action. When I heard about the opportunity to serve in Spain, I knew that it was where the Lord was sending me.

This year I will work with Athletes in Action and I will be playing basketball for CB Presentación, a top-league national team as a way to connect and minister to other athletes. I´m super excited to be able to work with Agape to help reach and disciple athletes for Christ."

Thank you, Lindsey, for coming here to serve God in Spain. Thank you also for your courage and obedience to the Lord. They are a motivation and example to us all.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Urban Refuge

When the "Fuente del Peregringo" (Fountain of the Pilgrim) closes its doors, the Refugio Urbano (Urban Refuge) will begin. This initiative is a space where those who came by the Pilgrim house for a quick stop or an overnight stay will be able to keep sharing their experiences from the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James), the special moments during the journey, photos that were taken and a good cup of coffee.

In this "Urban Refuge" there will be an "hospitalero" (pilgrim house greeter) that will graciously open his home in the city where he lives to be able to accomodate the pilgrims. Here they will be able to talk about their experience at the pilgrim house with the idea of continuing to live out the environment that they experienced when they visited.

Anyone who is interested in more information regarding the Urban Refuge or the "Fuente del Peregrino" Pilgrim House can find out more by visiting the "Fuente del Peregrino" blog or by writing an email to

Let´s pray that God will use this Urban Refuge as He has used the "Fuente del Peregrino" Pilgrim House.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hall of Comics in Málaga

From October 1-3 "Imagina Málaga 2010" ("Imagine Málaga 2010"), a comic book fair, was held at the university campus center at the University of Málaga. This event arose from the initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs. Thousands of comic fans showed up to enjoy their favorite comics heroes, fantasy literature, characterizations, ghost stories, design, Japanese art, Korean dance and role-playing games .

Together with all these works was "ARCHIVO CERO" (FILE ZERO), an animated series that Agape has launched and, without a doubt, is making its mark in the midst of so many up and coming alternatives. Thousands of candies and wristbands advertising ARCHIVO CERO´s website were distributed.

We thank God for the way in which He has used this excellent tool in such a powerful way. Already almost 3000 teenagers and young adults have accessed the file and had opportunity to explore it. Let´s pray that with this project, in God´s timing, these young people can "get out of the system."