Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hall of Comics in Málaga

From October 1-3 "Imagina Málaga 2010" ("Imagine Málaga 2010"), a comic book fair, was held at the university campus center at the University of Málaga. This event arose from the initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs. Thousands of comic fans showed up to enjoy their favorite comics heroes, fantasy literature, characterizations, ghost stories, design, Japanese art, Korean dance and role-playing games .

Together with all these works was "ARCHIVO CERO" (FILE ZERO), an animated series that Agape has launched and, without a doubt, is making its mark in the midst of so many up and coming alternatives. Thousands of candies and wristbands advertising ARCHIVO CERO´s website were distributed.

We thank God for the way in which He has used this excellent tool in such a powerful way. Already almost 3000 teenagers and young adults have accessed the file and had opportunity to explore it. Let´s pray that with this project, in God´s timing, these young people can "get out of the system."

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