Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sell Everything and Follow Me

This fall has seen a number of new laborers come our way. We welcome our latest recruit, Lindsey Zastrow, to the Athletes in Action ministry in Málaga. It´s amazing how God is calling and raising up people from all over the world to be part of His work. Lindsey´s story gives testimony to His sovereignty and creativity:

"Hello! My name is Lindsey or ´Lee,´ and I´m 23-years-old and I´m from Nebraska. This past June I finished my degree in sports marketing at the University of Colorado where I played softball and basketball.

It was just a year and a half ago that I gave my life to Christ. That same day I understood that God was asking me to leave everything and follow Him to take the Good News to others. I was confused. I had never noticed the presence of the Holy Spirit before, but it was really clear that He was asking me to leave everything to love and serve Him.

So, as my relationship with Jesus began to grow, His call for me stayed the same: leave everything and follow Him. I also sensed that God had given me abilities and gifts as an athlete and a coach in addition to my passion for Him, but I didn´t know how those 3 things could work together.

A friend encouraged me to get in touch with Athletes in Action. When I heard about the opportunity to serve in Spain, I knew that it was where the Lord was sending me.

This year I will work with Athletes in Action and I will be playing basketball for CB Presentación, a top-league national team as a way to connect and minister to other athletes. I´m super excited to be able to work with Agape to help reach and disciple athletes for Christ."

Thank you, Lindsey, for coming here to serve God in Spain. Thank you also for your courage and obedience to the Lord. They are a motivation and example to us all.

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