Monday, 18 October 2010

Working with Women in Barcelona

Some of our fellow staff women in Terrassa have started up their work again with immigrant Moroccan women at the Montserrat Roig Civic Center where they offer Spanish classes. There are 57 women registered for the classes with a long waiting list of others that would like to attend.

After such a good experience last year of teaching Spanish classes and being able to serve additional Moroccan women, and seeing the great need that exists, our fellow staff are now available to knock on new doors for ministry.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Ruben Rivera and Isabel Fernandez have an interview with the "Casa Galería" (The Gallery House) of Terrassa, the City Hall´s Center for Women. The goal is to introduce ourselves and know what the actual needs are in the city and how we can help. In addition, they will meet the Coordinator of Social Services.

In Terrassa 30% of the population are immigrants and 55% of them are Moroccan. Isa has asked for our prayers for the interview tomorrow... that God would open doors and that our staff would be able to serve in new ways and build significant relationships with these women.

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