Wednesday, 24 November 2010

European Round Table in Tallin

Tallin, Estonia was the site for this year´s European Round Table (held November 13-16) where National Directors and Leadership Teams from all the Western European countries came together.

It was a good chance to learn first-hand about the structural changes that have been made on an international level in Agape/Campus Crusade for Christ. It was also a significant time to talk together and work as a team to address the different priorities and challenges that we have ahead of us in the coming years.

Our leadership team had a chance to visit the city and the facilities where the next "EASCM" (European All-Staff Conference Mission) will be held in the summer of 2012. The most significant difference in this upcoming conference in comparison to past conferences is the component of "mission" that this event will highlight. It won´t just be one more conference, but rather, we hope to see all of the Western European countries represented working together in a big international outreach that we pray God will use this to help many Estonians come to know Him personally.

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