Monday, 15 November 2010

Taking Steps of Faith

Ana Schrader (pictured left) and her husband Joel and their 2 daughters are the directors of the student ministry at the University of Málaga. A few weeks ago, Ana shared with the city-wide staff team about Bea´s testimony and we thought it would be great for her to share it here with you.

"I believe in God. I trust that His Word is more real that my circumstances, my feelings and my own understanding. This is what God has been teaching us and the students here in Málaga. You can see this example in Bea. 

I´ll never forget the moment that I met Bea a year ago. Probably the best words to describe Bea at that time were discouragement and anger. She was very angry with God. It was her first year at the university and just a short time had passed since she had given her life to the Lord. She was looking for spiritual nourishment and also looking for university scholarships. One of her dreams had just died: to be accepted to medical school. She was devastated. Life for her at that moment seemed like a big nightmare. It was then when we started to meet with Bea to read the Bible and learn what it means to have faith. 

Today Bea is a totally different girl. Even though she´s still human, a human with a great propensity to worry and become easily discouraged, she has learned to take these fears and worries to God and take steps of faith based on His Word.

Her first step of faith was this past spring. Bea had the opportunity to go on a summer mission trip to Los Angeles, CA with Campus Crusade for Christ; but she needed 3000€ to make this trip! How could she ask for financial support from other believers when she had only recently given her life to Christ? She hardly new any other Christians! Yet, she took a step of faith and started to call believers that she knew and some that she had never even met and God surprised her. The people that she thought would help her financially didn´t. In spite of this, God provided for her the 3000€ plus 800€ more! He did it all in a way that she never could have imagined.

Another step of faith for Bea has been to learn how to win other students on campus to Christ. To her surprise, there were several students willing to talk and share their own perspective about God.

Now she is taking another step of faith on campus....she is trusting God to give her the opportunity to lead a small group weekly Bible study with some other girls. As of today, it seems like it would be impossible that there would be girls taht want to attend this Bible study, but again, she is letting herself be led by the Word of God and not her feelings. 

Please pray with us that God would bless her yet again and do the impossible in a way that only He can do."

It´s always encouraging and helps us grow in our faith as we see how God continues working, how he continues reaching students and how those students start to multiply. God is definitely worth believing in. He is a God that makes possible the impossible.

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