Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy 2011

"All your works praise you, LORD; your faithful people extol you. They tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all people may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The LORD is trustworthy in all he promises  and faithful in all he does."
--Psalm 145:10-13

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Archivo Cero (File Zero): Episode 3 is Ready!

Archivo Cero (File Zero) has now published its third episode. You can watch it now at Don´t miss the opportunity to follow this story and share it with friends, with other contacts and even through your social media connections.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Let´s not forget to keep our eyes on Jesus, the true reason for this season. Blessings to everyone!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Agape Spain´s Web

After being down for several days, the Agape Spain web page is up and running again. We invite you to visit it, use it and share it.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Open House for the Arts

(Art Studio Open House)

Jesus Osorio and Diane Wanderly work with MOV (Agape Art Movement), a ministry whose objective is to generate a spiritual artistic movement that draws the art world toward the Kingdom of God. This month, on December 10, 11 and 15, they organized an open house exposition in Barcelona and the turn out was very positive.

Many friends attended the event, many of whom make up the community of Christian artists that Jesús and Diane work with here in Barcelona. According to Jesús, the best part was that they were able to interact with other friends from the studio who aren´t Chrisitans. As our Christian artist friends took such an interest in them and their work, our non-Christian friends were impressed by the quality and kindness of all those who attended. It was such a sweet environment and they were open to deep conversation.

In addition to being a great opportunity to gather people and create community, the art exposition is a great space for exchange of deep feelings and deep thoughts. It opens a door to the personal world of the artist where people can enter in, discover and experience. If the artist is filled with Holy Spirit, he or she will be bold in his work. He or she will capture these feelings and thoughts and direct the conversations so that glory is given to the true, supreme Artist, the Creator and Lord of everything.

Please pray to this end.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Today Is the Day

Today is the day, and all day long the Agape Spain web will be available for a preview. It will be a window where others can get to know us and get to know our ministry. In addition, this webpage will be a great resource for materials for us, our contacts, our financial supporters and for churches.

Aren´t you curious? Be sure to visit today:

Thursday, 16 December 2010

I´ve decided to give my life to Christ and it´s what makes me happiest!

There is nothing more motivating than watching the seeds that we have sown grow among the studnets, family members, athletes, people in need, young people....among all of thos that have not yet come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior....and seeing the fruit that the Lord brings from the sowing.

Today, Nacho shares with us one of his most motivating and encouraging stories. Israel is a young man that he met at the university and this summer he made the decision to be baptized.

"This past summer we had the opportunity to baptize one of the studnets that we met at the university in 2006. Isra grew up in the Catholic church. When we met him he started to participate with us a little bit; and over time it turned into lots and lots of participation. He was learning more about God and the Bible. It´s such a gift to have him with us in our group. He´s a great encouragement.

For us, I suppose one of my great joys has been to see him taking the step of faith and obedience to be baptized. It´s a visible act that helps you realize that all the effort of preaching the gospel really is worth it.

A while back Israel sent us an email that is worth sharing here. As a sidenote, Israel mentions "Q" in the email. "Q" is the name of our student ministry group at the university.

`Speaking of "Q"....don´t´s true that this year it´s been hard to get it moving...but small works of God grow without much problem. I have a T-shirt that says "important things can´t be accomplished without a fight." We are doing a ton of new activities! Not to mention the ones we will do in the future...I have decided to give my life to Christ. It´s what makes me happiest!

Remember how I was a couple of months ago? I was really a cry baby...and now, ha-ha-ha...Remember when I said that I didn´t hear God talking to me and that I needed some kind of response? I´ve never felt like I do now....God asks me to do things, He warns me, He advises me with a living voice that comes from Him. God is going to do incredible things with so many people through "Q." He´s going to build us up, guys. I have no doubt. I am better and better these days. I trust in Him.

María, it seems like a million years ago that we met at the ATM near the Telecommunications Department. I called you the "Q" girl. That meeting was not a coincidence. God has tried several times to get me together with you guys. We will do so much good together. Thank you so much for having contributed to me seeing things much more clearly. I´m sorry that I still have so much growing to do, or rather, so much "becoming less" so that He becomes greater and you guys have so much ahead to see! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!

I love you so much and for me it´s a pleasure and an honor to live out God´s mission with you as long as it´s His will....and I hope it will be His will for many years.


Thanks to everyone for believing in this ministry and please don´t stop praying that Isra´s story won´t be an isolated case. We can change the world, one person at a time.

--a big hug from Valencia."

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Two Days

There are just two days left before Agape Spain´s web page is up and running. The address is and as of Friday it will ready for viewing. Remember!! Friday is the big day. We encourage you to share this with your contacts, your financial supporters and your friends.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Just Three Days Left

There are just three days left before we will have access to the official web page for Agape España. This Friday will be the first day that we will be able to see and visit the web where we will find more information about Agape, Agape´s resources, our projects, our ministries and our fellow staff members.

Not only will it be a useful tool for us, but it will also be helpful for our financial support team members, churches and others that would like to get to know us better and want more information about our mission.

The web page address will be:

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Latest Addition to the Granada Team: Deborah has now arrived!

Friday at 7:25pm Deborah presented her pretty face for the first time to her happy parents, Patry and Omar. The new born is doing very well and her mother too, especially now that they are both resting at home.

We give thanks to God because, in spite of the fact that Patry has had a complicated pregnancy, the delivery went very well and Deborah is just fine, weighing 7.72 pounds and measuring 19.68 inches.

Many congratulations, family! We are so happy for you! May God bless you.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

"You Will Restore My Life Again" Psalm 71:20

Psalm 71:20

20 Though you have made me see troubles, 
   many and bitter, 
   you will restore my life again; 
from the depths of the earth 
   you will again bring me up.

Our fellow staff member Vanina Ferri in Madrid has been, for some time now, regularly visiting the Cobeña Retirement Home. While she´s there, she spends time with the elderly, she listens to them, she encourages them, she comforts them and, what´s even more important, she shows them God´s love.

This is a story from Vanina in which she tells us about her experience at the retirement home and how God is touching the lives of these people:

"God meets our needs and He gives us the best. I am so grateful to the Lord because He has given me a great ministry partner to work with. She´s a social work assistant and has experience in residence homes. As if this weren´t enough, she also has the most important requirement to do this job well: passion for the elderly and for their souls! She and I are the volunteer team, in addition to a few others that come when they are able.

In the group there is an average of 10-12 senior citizens that eagerly look forward to Thursday afternoons when we meet with them. We are seeing some significant changes in their lives, keeping in mind that they are between 75-95 years old. In spite of their age and their habits and ways of thinking that are now very set after having lived so many years, they are able to reason and we see how the Holy Spirit is opening their minds and hearts, bringing light and transforming their lives.

It´s awesome to see how Enrique, one of the elderly men that we work with, who is 76-years-old, was able to grasp for the first time the concept of forgiveness. He himself said, "So many years have past and it´s just now that I´m learning what it is to forgive..." To see someone at this age crying and repentant for things he has done in his life is very significant.

There is no greater satisfaction for us that to witness people giving their lives to God."

We give thanks to God that with Him it´s never too late to offer a new opportunity; and that in spite of our age and how forgotten we might be, in God´s heart those that are His are always present.

Pictured above is Vanina with several retirement home members including Enrique (wearing a hat).

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dating Relationships Workshop in Valencia

A few months ago, the Student Ministry team in Valencia, led by Nacho and María, presented an idea to the administration of organizing a workshop on dating relationships at Valencia Politechnical University. The proposal was accepted and the workshop was held November 24 and 25. The speakers, Daniel Demai and Jonatan Pozo, led the three sessions, which had 10-15 students during each session.

The workshop has served to help the students to consider an issue which can often be overlooked: what are you doing to nurture this significant relationship? At the same time, this presentation helped the student team of the Student Ministry in Valencia, called "Q," to come in contact with new students and also strengthen the relationships that they have with others that they already know.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Help in the Puche, Almería Neighborhood

Last week, as mentioned earlier, we had a a group, made up of members from Obra Social Agape (Agape Social Work) and the directors of Existe Más Mundo from each city, that traveled to Almería. The goal was to get to know better the ministry that Pedro Reyes and his wife are developing there and to be able to participate in helping needy families in the neighborhood.

Ruben Rivera, the director of Obra Social Agape, sent this summary to tell us what they found there and also what they did:

"From November 23-26, we carried out a humanitarian aid project in the Puche neighborhood in Almería. This neighborhood is the most run-down, abandoned area in the whole city and it has a high concentration of poor Spanish families and immigrant families.

The project included handing out humanitarian aid to selected families, those with the greatest need, among which there were several with a large number of small children and babies. During the visits, the work team discovered situations of great poverty that had a great impact on them.

We hope that the aid that was distributed will help to ease the suffering of these families that so kindly opened their homes to us...the majority of which barely had the minimum conditions to be able to live decently.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

EJE in Madrid

The weekend of Nov 20-21, the 7th annual EJE in Madrid was held. Between the work team, the young adults and teenagers that attended there were more than 80 people were involved in the event.

The day after the event, one of the volunteers wrote the following comment on their Facebook wall:

"Thinking about the EJE is one of my favorite things in the world....the way your life can change."

Thank you for your prayers.

Pictured above is the EJE Madrid work team.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Upcoming Staff Conference 2011

For all of those that are already filling your calendar for the upcoming year, you can go ahead and reserve the dates for the next National Agape Conference which will be held October 28-November 1, 2011. The location is still to be confirmed.

For the upcoming conference we will not repeat the May dates because of the way that the May 1 holiday falls, we don´t have an extra long weekend. So, we´ve changed the dates to the holiday weekend of November 1. That way we´ll also be able to celebrate different staff birthdays while we´re together.

As the year develops we´ll be sending more information about the conference.