Friday, 3 December 2010

Help in the Puche, Almería Neighborhood

Last week, as mentioned earlier, we had a a group, made up of members from Obra Social Agape (Agape Social Work) and the directors of Existe Más Mundo from each city, that traveled to Almería. The goal was to get to know better the ministry that Pedro Reyes and his wife are developing there and to be able to participate in helping needy families in the neighborhood.

Ruben Rivera, the director of Obra Social Agape, sent this summary to tell us what they found there and also what they did:

"From November 23-26, we carried out a humanitarian aid project in the Puche neighborhood in Almería. This neighborhood is the most run-down, abandoned area in the whole city and it has a high concentration of poor Spanish families and immigrant families.

The project included handing out humanitarian aid to selected families, those with the greatest need, among which there were several with a large number of small children and babies. During the visits, the work team discovered situations of great poverty that had a great impact on them.

We hope that the aid that was distributed will help to ease the suffering of these families that so kindly opened their homes to us...the majority of which barely had the minimum conditions to be able to live decently.

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