Thursday, 16 December 2010

I´ve decided to give my life to Christ and it´s what makes me happiest!

There is nothing more motivating than watching the seeds that we have sown grow among the studnets, family members, athletes, people in need, young people....among all of thos that have not yet come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior....and seeing the fruit that the Lord brings from the sowing.

Today, Nacho shares with us one of his most motivating and encouraging stories. Israel is a young man that he met at the university and this summer he made the decision to be baptized.

"This past summer we had the opportunity to baptize one of the studnets that we met at the university in 2006. Isra grew up in the Catholic church. When we met him he started to participate with us a little bit; and over time it turned into lots and lots of participation. He was learning more about God and the Bible. It´s such a gift to have him with us in our group. He´s a great encouragement.

For us, I suppose one of my great joys has been to see him taking the step of faith and obedience to be baptized. It´s a visible act that helps you realize that all the effort of preaching the gospel really is worth it.

A while back Israel sent us an email that is worth sharing here. As a sidenote, Israel mentions "Q" in the email. "Q" is the name of our student ministry group at the university.

`Speaking of "Q"....don´t´s true that this year it´s been hard to get it moving...but small works of God grow without much problem. I have a T-shirt that says "important things can´t be accomplished without a fight." We are doing a ton of new activities! Not to mention the ones we will do in the future...I have decided to give my life to Christ. It´s what makes me happiest!

Remember how I was a couple of months ago? I was really a cry baby...and now, ha-ha-ha...Remember when I said that I didn´t hear God talking to me and that I needed some kind of response? I´ve never felt like I do now....God asks me to do things, He warns me, He advises me with a living voice that comes from Him. God is going to do incredible things with so many people through "Q." He´s going to build us up, guys. I have no doubt. I am better and better these days. I trust in Him.

María, it seems like a million years ago that we met at the ATM near the Telecommunications Department. I called you the "Q" girl. That meeting was not a coincidence. God has tried several times to get me together with you guys. We will do so much good together. Thank you so much for having contributed to me seeing things much more clearly. I´m sorry that I still have so much growing to do, or rather, so much "becoming less" so that He becomes greater and you guys have so much ahead to see! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!

I love you so much and for me it´s a pleasure and an honor to live out God´s mission with you as long as it´s His will....and I hope it will be His will for many years.


Thanks to everyone for believing in this ministry and please don´t stop praying that Isra´s story won´t be an isolated case. We can change the world, one person at a time.

--a big hug from Valencia."

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