Thursday, 9 December 2010

"You Will Restore My Life Again" Psalm 71:20

Psalm 71:20

20 Though you have made me see troubles, 
   many and bitter, 
   you will restore my life again; 
from the depths of the earth 
   you will again bring me up.

Our fellow staff member Vanina Ferri in Madrid has been, for some time now, regularly visiting the Cobeña Retirement Home. While she´s there, she spends time with the elderly, she listens to them, she encourages them, she comforts them and, what´s even more important, she shows them God´s love.

This is a story from Vanina in which she tells us about her experience at the retirement home and how God is touching the lives of these people:

"God meets our needs and He gives us the best. I am so grateful to the Lord because He has given me a great ministry partner to work with. She´s a social work assistant and has experience in residence homes. As if this weren´t enough, she also has the most important requirement to do this job well: passion for the elderly and for their souls! She and I are the volunteer team, in addition to a few others that come when they are able.

In the group there is an average of 10-12 senior citizens that eagerly look forward to Thursday afternoons when we meet with them. We are seeing some significant changes in their lives, keeping in mind that they are between 75-95 years old. In spite of their age and their habits and ways of thinking that are now very set after having lived so many years, they are able to reason and we see how the Holy Spirit is opening their minds and hearts, bringing light and transforming their lives.

It´s awesome to see how Enrique, one of the elderly men that we work with, who is 76-years-old, was able to grasp for the first time the concept of forgiveness. He himself said, "So many years have past and it´s just now that I´m learning what it is to forgive..." To see someone at this age crying and repentant for things he has done in his life is very significant.

There is no greater satisfaction for us that to witness people giving their lives to God."

We give thanks to God that with Him it´s never too late to offer a new opportunity; and that in spite of our age and how forgotten we might be, in God´s heart those that are His are always present.

Pictured above is Vanina with several retirement home members including Enrique (wearing a hat).

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