Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Interview with Todo Por Una Sonrisa on Canal Sur

Last week, Gloria Rosado, director of Todo Por Una Sonrisa (Anything for a Smile), was invited to a special Christmas program on Canal Sur (Channel South). In this program the Christmas greeting that Todo Por Una Sonrisa submitted was aired for all the Andalusians. Gloria, together with Adrián, were interviewed and were able to share about the work that Todo Por Una Sonrisa does in the different hospitals in Andalucía.

It was very exciting for a number of reasons: Adrián, the boy that accompanied Gloria on the program, had been sick for a long time in the hospital. The love and affection that he received from Todo Por Una Sonrisa motivated him, once his health improved, to help other hospitalized children to smile. Also there were a number of testimonies from volunteers, sharing about what motivates them to be a part of the team, as well as stories from parents who shared how much they appreciated all that Todo Por Una Sonrisa does at the hospitals for their children.

You can see the inteview by clicking the video below:

Monday, 19 December 2011

"Todo Por Una Sonrisa" on TV

For years the "Todo Por Una Sonrisa" (Anything for a smile) team has been helping patients at children´s hospitals to smile and dream.Today there are "Todo Por Una Sonrisa" teams that are helping in Cádiz, Sevilla, Málaga and Huelva to make the children´s hospital stays more pleasant.

Since they started their journey, the ministry has encouraged children and parents with their clowns, they have helped them to dream with their stories, they have made them laugh with their puppets and they have taught their tricks and crafts through their activities. In addition to all this, they were also chosen this year to ring in the holidays for all the Andalucians on "Canal Sur" (Channel of the South). This television station sponsored a Christmas greeting video contest in which they received many video entries. The video from "Todo Por Una Sonrisa" was chosen to become the original and touching Christmas greeting which will be aired on Christmas Eve.

In the video appears one of the children from the Hospital of Sevilla, Yanire. She is one that the "Todo Por Una Sonrisa" team especially loves because they have known her for a long time because she´s been fighting her illness for years. They chose Yanire because her 12-year-old life is drawing to an end and Gloria Rosado, the "Todo Por Una Sonrisa" director, knew that she loves to sing when she has an audience to listen to her.

Once her parents and the hospital gave their consent, Yanire recorded the video. This experience was a great motivator for her and even helped her to rally during a strong crisis in her illness.

It´s always beautiful to see a child smile and even more so when you know that the smile helps to bring some comfort in the midst of his or her pain.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Urgent Help for the Children of Haiti

The 100 children at the Ça-Ira Home that GAiN is helping to reconstruct are starting to get cold at night. We recently received an urgent request from them. There is a great need for fleece blankets and/or sleeping bags and Crocs-type shoes (they can be any brand) from sizes 32-38.

This December 28th, GAiN will take a team from Barcelona to Haiti and they personally will take all the gifts that are donated to the children.

You can participate by sending your gift to:

Avenida Jaume 1, nº 1, piso 1º
08226 Terrassa (Barcelona)

You can also contact us directly by telephone 93 118 1118 or by email at info@gain.org.es

Or if you prefer you can send a donation for us to buy these materials. You can make a direct bank deposit to the following account:
La Caixa
2100 0886 04 0200254170
Memo line: "Ayuda a los niños de Haiti" (Help for the children of Haiti)

Your gift will make a big difference no matter how small it may seem.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Project Manel Pujades Home

This past November 5th an initial training session was held in Barcelona for the 20 volunteers that will be working with the Home for Homeless Men, Project "Llar Manel Pujades" (Manel Pujades Home.) It´s very interesting to have such a large support team to work on this project. Also working on this project are the members who make up the Technical Team: Loida Palacios and Ingrid Soler as psychologists and our fellow staff member Isa Fernández as social worker.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

You Are Worth It

"Tu sí que vales" ("You are worth it") was the title of the workshop for teenagers on outward and inward beauty held this past Saturday in Málaga. A good number of young ladies enthusiastically attended the workshop which included 2 professional make-up artists, one of whom came all the way from Portugal just for the event.

Joana and Claudia, professional make-up artists, were encouraged, motivating and teaching these young ladies how to highlight their natural beauty. At the same time, they uncovered the secrets and the deception in the magazines and television shows where noone is what they really appear to be.

After sharing their tricks of the trade and other advice and performing make-overs for the women that attended, there was a time of reflection. Gloria Medina talked about the importance of inner beauty, reminding them that outward beauty fades, changes and eventually disappears but who we really are is what remains.

All the ladies were very pleased with the presentation and grateful. The closing thoughts on inner beauty caused them to think about and meditate on who they really are and who they want to be. To close the meeting they used the make-over mirrors as a "canvas" to write out their dreams of who they want to be.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The School

The Spanish "school" for Arab women in Terrassa has once again begun its classes at the GAiN headquarters.

Our fellow staff member Isabel Fernández, one of the directors of this initiative, eagerly shares that this year there are 100 Arab women that are receiving Spanish classes. All together there are 9 teachers working with these women, two of whom are Moroccan women that offered to help with this need.

They teach 5 different levels of Spanish: introduction, literacy I, literacy II, reading and writing and intermediate Spanish.

These Spanish classes go much further than merely serving as a tool to help them communicate in our country. Through these classes other opportunities are opening up for them that, before, were quite unlikely. This is the case for Nassima and Soubija who recently stopped by the office to say "thank you" because, thanks to the Spanish classes that they received last year, they were able to register and complete their high school degree in a school for adults. The following were Nassima´s words....

"Thank you Isabel for all that you all have done for us. We are so happy to be studying and it´s going so well! If we hadn´t met you this would not be possible. Thank you so much! This year we aren´t able to study Spanish with you all but we´ll stay in touch. I just wanted to tell you face-to-face."

As you can see, the heart and the intention of this project goes far beyond the teaching of a language. The desire of our fellow staff women is to be able to invest in these women, in their personal development and in their lives.

Pictured above: Nassima, Isabel and Soubija

Monday, 3 October 2011

One More Member in the Agape Family

Natán, the son of Rut Raposo and Israel Rodriguez was born on September 26th at 00:20. Mother and baby are now  at home and doing well. Natan weighs 7lbs and 6 ounces and measures 18.9 inches.

We give thanks to God for this new life and for having protected and cared for him until his birth.

Welcome to our family Natán and many congratulations to our beloved Rut and Israel.

Monday, 26 September 2011

File Zero Returns to Malaga

Friday September 23 was the start of "Imagina Málaga," the city´s Hall of Comics, and the Zero File or "Archivo Cero" was there. Together with several volunteers Eva Aldea and Gema Alvarez handed out bracelets and hard candy marked with the online series´web site.

For many of the young people that came by the stand it was the first time that they´d heard of Archivo Cero; but to the surprise of our fellow staff, they also spoke with some kids that were still wearing the bracelets that was handed out last year. Others that came by remembered Eva and some of the first few episodes from the last Hall of Comics in Malaga. Others told them that they were following the series and that they really liked it. Another boy even left a comment on Archivo Cero´s Facebook page before the event started to say that he would be waiting for them at the Hall of Comics.

"It´s been a weekend where we´ve seen yet again that young people and adolescents are watching this series and that they really like it Without a doubt that makes us happy; but the most significant is that there continue to be opportunities to meet and connect with young people on a more personal level through Archivo Cero." -Gema Alvarez

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Schrader Family Heads Home

Joel and Ana Schrader return home after investing many year in Spain. Joel arrived in Spain in 1999 and four years later Ana joined him. Without a doubt, the chapter of life that they have invested in our country has yielded much fruit.

Just this morning, they boarded the plane that will take them back home. All of us will miss them greatly: Joel, Ana, Olivia and Isabella.

We love you guys. Thank you for all that you have given us and all that you have left for us.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

One More in the Souto Family

Our fellow staff, Edi and Isa, together with their three children Sara, Miriam and Daniel welcomed a new member into their family at the beginning of July: Nelson.

Nelson was the first child that came to the Dawn Refuge in Portugal. As we published earlier in this blog, the Refuge sadly closed its doors for good this summer. Nelson's situation regarding the future was quite unclear and uncertain, but there seems to be a storybook ending as Edi and Isa tell us below....

"We already knew about the situation with the Dawn Refuge and we knew that it wasn't going to be able to continue after the long summer break. As you can imagine, these have been some long, difficult months for us and we've had to accept the news with a heavy heart, remembering many, many memories and special moments that we experienced during the last 10 years. One of the issues that worried us most was the placement of the children who were still living in the Refuge, and especially for Nelson.

Nelson was the first child to arrive at the Refuge. At that time he had just turned five-years-old, and since there were no other children during the first few months he lived in our house. At that time our daughter Sara had just turned four and Miriam was not even a year old yet.

Now, as a 16-year-old, Nelson is the only child of that generation who is still at the Refuge. The others have either moved out on their own or have gone to live with families. So, for him, the closing of the Refuge was the worst news he could receive.

We've never seen our ministry as merely a job or a task, but rather a life commitment and we couldn't stand passively by, knowing that Nelson's main need was to have a family that he could depend on.

Isa and I were quickly in agreement. despite the fact that we are very different in many ways we almost always agree on the really important decisions. We talked with our kids and proposed the idea of inviting Nelson to become part of our family, knowing that this would require sacrifice on everyone's part. Sara told us, "For me, Nelson has always been a brother," and the decision was made.

When we spoke with Nelson and proposed the idea to him, he was only able to get one word out: "amazing." So now, since July 11, we are a family of six, three of which are teenagers!"

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Fuente del Peregrino--July 10-17, 2011

The week of July 10-17, the "Fuente" received, for a second year in a row, a group from the "El Cruce" Church in Madrid. Jorge, the pastor, dropped us a note with the following lines which we joyfully share with you:

"Thank you so much for keeping the Ligonde house going. Once again we had some great experiences with our team, with the neighbors and with the pilgrims. It was the first time that we had had 2 children in our group. Some of us weren't sure how it would turn out...but it went much better than we expected. They were an easy contact point with many people, especially the neighbors.

As we were talking with 2 girls from South Korea, they said that they were more inclined toward Buddhism, but they had some doubts and they weren't really sure. I was able to speak with them of another way to seek after God and about what there is after death. As I talked with them about creation and salvation, it was very interesting to discover the symbols they use in the South Korean language. What a surprise it was to realize that the symbols for the word "paradise" are two people in a garden! In the middle of the symbol for the word "salvation" there is a cross. We were able to talk about salvation in Christ who died on a cross. They were very surprised by these "coincidences" and wanted to visit a Christian church in Seoul to learn more about faith in Jesus. 

The last night we were there, we played the Jesus film with the prayer of salvation at the end of the film. After dinner, a young man came to me, quite impacted by the film. It had really touched him and he felt the need to make some changes in his life, especially regarding his family relationships. So, after the film, he wanted to pray to place his faith in Jesus. We were able to talk about how to take some concrete steps and we will stay in touch for more follow up.

Another pilgrim who was convinced about reincarnation of humans thought that he had been Jesus in his former life. He actually looked like the actors who played Jesus in the movies. Two people from our group were able to have a great conversation with him about who Jesus Christ really is and what HE did and still does. The young man left very grateful to have a greater understanding.

blessings and appreciation from the whole team, 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The INFFA on channel TVE

The "Buenas Noticias" show (Good News) from channel TVE aired a report about the INFFA ("Instituto de Formación Familiar" or Family Training Institute) whose purpose is to train people to help and evaluate family situations. The director of the INFFA is our own fellow staff member from Familia a Familia (Family Life), Juan Varela.

The report was shown last Sunday and you can see it in its entirety by clicking here.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

You Have Changed My Life....

"El English Camp," a project developed for the el Zaidín neighborhood in Granada and led by teenagers ended its first series this past Sunday. Patry Méndez participated as a counselor with a group of Amercian summer counselors from Philadelphia specifically to partner on this initiative. Here she tells us more details of what happened during the English Camp....

" ´I still don´t know what you guys have done to me, but you´ve changed my life and you´ve given me a special happiness that I was needing...´

These were the words of Quique, a 16-year-old from the El Zaidín neighborhood who participated in our ´English Camp´ that was held last week there. It drew out 16 new teenagers from the "barrio." The principal objective was to establish new relationships with the young people that live in this district and offer some community service since El Zaidín is one of Granada´s districts with the lowest level of foreign language in the middle and high schools.

With the help of this team of summer counselors, made up of young people from Philadelphia who came specifically for this project, we have been together with these special Granada adolescents who have gained a special place in our hearts.

For some of these young people, like Quique for example, it was clear that they sensed the atmosphere of love and good fellowship that flowed in the entire group. They served voluntarily and without any expectations of compensation, something that noone could understand, especially in the midst of summer and so much heat.

Now we are developing a follow-up project to stay in touch with these kids and keep working with them during the upcoming school year."

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

GAiN and the reconstruction of the Ça-Ira Children´s Home

As we have mentioned on various occasions, GAiN Spain is working to help re-build the Ça-Ira Children´s Home in Haiti which was completely destroyed by the earthquake in 2010. This home cared for 100 children that are now currently living in a precarious situation and hope to see the home reconstructed.

In the following recruiting video from GAiN USA, in addition to testimonies from university students´stories, you can hear a testimony of one of the young men from the home who tells us his experience of that earthquake. 

This month GAiN Germany and GAiN Canada have sent teams of people to work on the reconstruction of the children´s home. In December, GAiN Spain hopes to send its first team to help the same cause. Wanna come?

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Fuente del Peregrino--July 3-10, 2011

Ruben Rivera has been the director in Ligonde this past week. He sent us a message filled with good news...

"This week our team at the Fuente del Peregrino was made up of just 7 people. We are very happy because the flow of pilgrims coming by our pilgrim house has continued and because we´ve been able to care for so many people. The efficiency and care that the pilgrim house is known for has also continued, especially during the day.

The most encouraging news this week is that two people have accepted Christ after having been with us at the pilgrim house! Their names are Nevell from Scotland and Manuel, a 56-year-old fisherman from Barcelona, who, after almost dying at sea, left everything to search for God during many months on the Camino. He says that finally he found God this week."

Pictured above: Ruben and Manuel

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Existe Más Mundo Málaga in El Zaidín, Granada

The interest from Jusima and Coral has the biggest motivation to start Existe Más Mundo in Granada, specifically in the El Zaidín neighborhood. Patry Méndez met them recently and the concern and awareness that the two young ladies have to help others in their neighborhood inspired our fellow staff to start up the Exist Más Mundo project in the city. It will serve as a platform to develop the social work project in the neighborhood. Patry tells us a bit more about the hearts of these teenagers who dream of being able to help make the world a better place.

"Juseima (15-years-old) and Coral (14-years-old) have been the push we needed to start "Existe Más Mundo" in El Zaidín, one of the 2 districts where we are focusing in Granada. For me, in meeting them I have seen a great example of servant hearts and unconditional love toward others. In spite of their difficult situations and experiences in life, they have a desire that burns with great passion in their hearts. It´s about being able to make this world a better place by thinking about one´s fellow man more than in oneself, and in this way, demonstrating very strong values that have impacted me in a very special way.

Their desire is to be able to invest time in their own neighborhood, being sensitive to the needs that exist there that they see and experience day in and day out. With this passion, they have recruited more than 12 young people from the neighborhood to participate in "Existe Más Mundo" and every Thursday afternoon we meet with them and we teach a series on values. We are also preparing an action plan for the El Zaidín neighborhood the upcoming school year. We are very encouraged because we know that God has a plan for these kids who come from a variety of family backgrounds, some of them quite difficult with great needs. I believe this will open the door to show them the unconditional love that God has for them and also what He can do through them."

Monday, 4 July 2011

Closure and Celebration of Spanish Classes

As you have heard recently, Isa Fernández, Marian Bootello and Loida Martín have been hosting a Spanish course for Muslim women at the GAiN office in Terrassa. The 2010-2011 school year has come to an end and there was a big party to celebrate. Isa Fernández tells us about the year and how the end-of-the-year party went....

"It was great to celebrate another of these typical parties again where we eat all kinds of sweets! In addition, this year we had a small ceremony to give the students diplomas which so many of them were excited about.

One important thing I think we´ve accomplished this year is to integrate 5 of these women into other professional training courses: cooking, hotel management, pharmacy...or help them to get directly into a professional training course. We are now in the process of early registration for them in these courses, but if they actually get the chance to enter and complete these courses, I think it would be a great achievement for them that will radically change their lives.

What´s more, we are working with the local government in Terrassa to establish important partnerships and job roles for the upcoming school year 2011-2012."

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Fuente del Peregrino--June 12-26, 2011

For two straight weeks a group from the U.S., led by Christopher and Julia, have been working at the "Fuente del Peregrino" (The Fountain of the Pilgrim). For them it´s been a very special experience. As Christopher describes his time there, he says that the group experienced a great atmosphere of fellowship, especially because it was easy and natural to talk about spiritual things.

During the dinners they had lots of opportunities to share their faith. Christopher shared about a pilgrim named Günter who started the "camino" in France. After a month of life as a pilgrim he felt disappointed because he had not yet found what he was looking for. After passing by the "Fuente del Peregrino" he finally felt the authentic spirit of the "camino." At almost the very end of his pilgrimage he found our pilgrim house which meant for him fellowship and genuine love, an atmosphere where one can feel at home and live out a true spiritual experience.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The PDE in Granada

From June 1-3, the PDE (Student Priority) met in Granada with its directors, Garrick and Dziu Roegner, to lead them. Donna Cannella, Joan Armand Forero, Samuel Palacios and Mar Resa were all there.

Together they worked on an evaluation of the school year and also had some time to dream, to plan, to work on and pool their resources so as to carry out the most effective work possible for the upcoming school year. Projects such as "Existe Más Mundo" (More World Exists), Urban Consortium and Obra Social (Social Work) are more and more effective and relevant in the world of students.

We give thanks to God for all of our fellow staff that work with young people: for the time, the encouragement and the engery they invest to help, to guide and to reach students of our country, showing them the love of God.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Chapter 5 of the Zero File

We can now enjoy Episode 5 of Archivo Cero (the Zero File) by clicking here or you can visit the animated series yourself at www.archivocero.net.

Be sure not to miss this new epidsode and share it with others!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"After this summer the Dawn Refuge will not open its doors again."

It´s been almost fifteen years since we started to develop our dream of helping the most disadvantaged and what better way to help than working with children who, for a variety of reasons, had been deprived of a family. This is how we began the adventure of the "Refugio del Alba" or the Dawn Refuge and that´s how 5 young Spaniards who started this "crazyness" ended up living in Portugal.

In January of 2000 the Children´s Home received its first child: Nelson. He came from a marginalized neighborhood in Lisbon and had just turned 5 years old. Since then, 35 children have come through the Home, 35 new opportunities for 35 lives in which we have seen real miracles happen.

For the past three years we have stopped receiving new children. The Portuguese Administration (that has never helped us financially) started to require changes and improvements in our facilities which we´ve worked hard to complete at great financial costs, but it´s all been in vain. In a country where the crisis has pushed the government to ask the European Union for help, children´s homes like ours begin to disappear because it´s more politically correct tos ay that there are no institutionalized children, although there continue to be hundreds of children with a family, which is what the Dawn Refuge was able to offer them. 

We have tried to fight this, but we can´t have a Children´s Home without children. For this reason, we have been left with no other choice than to accept the fact that at the end of this summer the Dawn Refuge will not open its doors again. In these moments, we don´t have the words to express our sadness and the impotence that wefeel toward a system that keeps us from doing good; but we will not let anyone destroy the dream: our commitment to those who are suffering will continue to move forward.

Our greatest dsire is that this generation of children that have lived these last eleven years with us at the Refuge will in the future become good men and good women who will in turn help others so that the world will be a better place.

Now, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone that has accompanied us on this journey, those that have accompanied us in this adventure...

We will keep moving forward again and always....to build hope.

Edi, Isa, Rubén, Loida and Rut

Friday, 17 June 2011

First Week at the Fuente del Peregrino

On June 5th the Fuente received its first host team who got everything rolling for the season:  the house, the beds, the coffee and the service to tend to the pilgrims on the Way of Saint James. Rex Winn was the team leader of this group which was made up of 3 Spaniards and 5 Americans that came to Spain for 10 days just to serve the pilgrims.

It was a week full of surprises and challenges. The first and most evident was upon arrival finding the "camino" under construction! For the last four months there has been a group of workers working on the "camino" that passes right through Ligonde, the village where the pilgrim house is located. During the week that the first team was in the house, the construction work continued. That very wek they had just asphalted the road that passes right by the pilgrim house. This meant that the pilgrims that wanted to come to the "Fuente" for coffee or use the bathrooms had to take a detour from the "camino," which the boss of the construction was nice enough to mark with signs.

In spite of the changes that the team had to make, the most interesting events as always are the personal stories, the people that they were able to assist. As in previous year, there were a lot of people that used the word "oasis" when they referred to the pilgrim house. Many others said that they felt an unexplainable peace when they passed through our doors. One can´t help but notice the love of God.When it is present you can feel it, you understand it, even without words.

A pilgrim from Málaga was sent on his way with tears in his eyes after two host team members tended to his one of his feet and wrapped it bandages. He said that he had never seen anything like that anywhere on the "camino."

Bego, a Basque pilgrim, also left deeply touched and crying after another host team member prayed for her, asking Jesus to show himself to her.

There were many stories, many people, seeds sown that we hope that will one day yield good fruit, fruit that will last.

We continue to be tremendously grateful to God for this place where we can continue receiving people, people that house in their hearts experiences, hopes, promises, expectations, questions, sadness and memories that move them and motivate them to pick up their backpack and start walking.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Proyecto Llar Manel Pujades, Recovery House

For some time now our fellow staff in Barcelona have been working ona  new project with GAiN to help homeless people and ex-convicts. The project consists of an apartment that will serve as a recovery house for these men and will be under the direction of GAiN.

Last week we received the news from Samuel Palacios that the Bona Nova church, current owners of the uninhabited apartment, voted to yield the apartment to GAiN for this Llar manel Pujades Project. As a result, this property will be converted into the recovery house that they have been looking for.

We hope and desire that this project creates restoration and brings hope to those who need it most.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Office in Terrassa

The Vallés team has new offices in Terrassa whose doors have been opened to serve the city community, the city hall and our fellow staff. Isabel Fernández tells us about these facilities and how they are being used:

"We present our new offices in Terrassa. As you can see they are quite spacious and we feel very privileged to be able to put them to use. The activities that we are developing here are quite varied: the "Existeix Més" (More Exists) for teenagers, a women´s workshop called "per tu" (for you), Spanish classes for Moroccan women....All of these activities are held in the large 1356 square foot hall on the first floor.

The second floor is office space where we´ve created a cozy environment to meet with people, have some coffee, have exploration groups about the person of Jesus, have a women´s Bible study, a training time for financial support raising as well as other topics. This floor is also the office for GAiN (Global Aid Network-an Agape NGO) in Spain whos objective is to provide help in urgent situations and natural disasters through volunteerism and humanitarian aid. In this way we are able to share God´s love with those in need.

In addition, I think it´s important to note that we are serving the community. Even our own city hall is using our facilities to teach its official Catalan courses. It´s really been an incredible gift of God and all the staff in Terrassa feel very grateful and privileged to be able to work in such an inviting atmosphere."

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

And you shall be my witnesses....

Julia is an American STINTer that has come to Malaga for a year to work with the student team in that city, partnering with them in various projects and talking about Jesus with the young people. Julia met Anne Marie on campus and since then their friendship has grown. Julia wanted to share her story with Anne Marie here on the Agape blog, of how they starting talking about her faith and how Anne Marie wanted to do the same with her friends.

"My friend Anne Marie is a student from England that is studying in Málaga with the Erasmus program. Since I met her in October, it´s been a great blessing for me to see how the Lord has been touching her and influencing her heart. A pretty tragic and complicated situation in her family has caused her to search hard for God. Anne Marie and I meet once a week to pray and read the Bible together. A couple weeks ago when we were finishing our study she asked me if I could help her learn how to share her faith with her friends. I´m so grateful to have met Anne Marie and to have the opportunity to be here and to be able to accompany her on this faith journey and to share how to talk with others about who this Jesus is that has changed her life and her heart. I trust that the Lord is doing great things in her life and that she could be a woman of influence in the future for God´s kingdom."

When you find something that is really good, it´s difficult to be quiet about it and not tell the whole world what you have found and how its changed your life. Without a doubt, Jesus has impacted the life of Anne Marie and she wants to tell everyone about it.

"...and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  --Acts 1:8

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Existe Más Mundo Málaga in Portugal

As we published a few weeks ago, the Existe Más Mundo team from Málaga travelled to Portugal to the Dawn Refuge to take food goods to the home, to do odd jobs around the home and to get to know the Existe Más Mundo team in Portugal better.

Our fellow staff and the students from the team also brought along 2 young university women studying early childhood education whom they met on campus during a food drive for the children´s home. The experience was very positive for both women who shared that they had never before been involved in anything like this. Without a doubt, these days made a great impact on their lives.

During their time at the Dawn Refuge the team helped with a variety of jobs from gardening to playing with kids and spending quality time with them. They also organized some sports activities for the children in the neighborhood of Canellas (where the home is located) led by the children living at the Refuge.

In addition to their work at the Refuge, the Málaga team also partnered with the Existe Más Mundo team in Portugal who regularly distribute food to homeless people. The experience must have struck a chord with the Málaga team who will start this month to partner with another organization in Málaga that provides food for almost 300 homeless people a day in the Andalusian city.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt the love of Jesus is practical: it is seen, it is lived and, at times, it is expressed with words.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

La Fuente del Peregrino (The Pilgrim´s Fountain) Opens for the Season

Twelve years ago the Fuente del Peregrino (The Pilgrim´s Fountain) opened its doors for the first time to receive weary fellow pilgrims from all around the world to be served within its walls. Tomorrow, as every year, a team led by Natán de Souza and Ibana Blas will arrive in Ligonde to prepare the house, dust off the furniture, fill up the pantry, ready the kitchen and put all the beds in order and then they will leave it ready for the first group of workers that will arrive on Sunday to begin serving hundreds of people until September.

Natán and Ibana will be accompanied by three volunteers that will help them in this task: but the most important, as Natán said, was the joy and excitement that comes with opening the house. It is opening the doors, so to speak, to the hope of an endless number of stories shared by the pilgrims, by people longing to be cared for, received and eager to know the "camino."

On Sunday, the first work team, led by Rex Winn, will arrive to kick of this year´s hisotry. We hope that as many pilgrims travel along the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James) they too will find the true Way.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The LINK made it to Jaén

The Link, an activity that has already been mentioned on the blog, was experienced in Jaén. The Link helps participants better understand the Zero File and experience to a certain extent what the characters experience. 

On May 14th Mar Resa and Gema Alvarez met up with a group of teenagers and young adults to introduce the Zero File to them and to share the Link activity. Together with them were several young people from Málaga who went  as volunteeres to help facilitate the activity.

"The experience was very positive. They really liked the episodes from the series and all the activities and reflection questions that were presented. In fact, some of them asked us to come back to be able to repeat the experience in their own churches. There is no doubt that the Zero File is reaching so many teenagers and young adults in our country and Link is helping us to get to know their hearts more and more." --Gema Alvarez.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Existe Más Mundo Málaga in Portugal

On April 28 and 29 and also May 3 and 4, the promotion and re-launching of Existe Más Mundo took place at the Psychology and Literature departments on the Teatinos Campus in Málaga.

Using the activity "Dejar Huella en el Mundo" (Leave Your Mark on the World) and the promotion of their upcoming trip to the Dawn Refuge from May 19 to 23, the Existe Más Mundo team in Málaga was able to widen its circle of contacts and have some great conversations with students.

The students that received information showed great interest in participating in the various projects that are currently starting up. The first of these projects is the trip to the Dawn Refuge. Another project is a partnership with "Los Ángeles Malagueños de las Noches" (Malaga Night Angels), an association that distributes food daily to some 200 homeless people in the capital city. There are additional projects underway where students can participate including various workshops, and even an ongoing social program on personal values which takes place in one of the classrooms on campus.

The team is very excited because three new girls that they met during these days of promotion that will be joining them on the May 19th trip to the Dawn Refuge. Two of them are studying early childhood education.

It´s a privilege to have open access to university students who are grappling with social issues. The team´s desire is to create a relevant space for the students, to offer opportunities to develop their values and, each day, to become, little by little, more like Jesus.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Zero File at the Manga Comic Hall in Alicante

Archivo Cero (Zero File) continues travelling across the country. Its latest stop was at the Manga Comic Hall in Alicante. This particular engagement was huge in spite of the fact that the event itself didn´t have the greatest turnout. Eva Aldea told us that they were able to promote the series with some 7000 teenagers and young adults to whom they passed out the now well-known Archivo Cero bracelets and their corresponding candies.

Our animated comic series continues to gain success among Hall of Comics attendees. Everyone is enjoying Archivo Cero and the messages in the Archivo Cero Facebook page continue to be very positive.

During this presentation in Alicante, Marc and Eva had the help of the Q university group (Agape Campus´ university ministry in Valencia) who were able to host the tables and assist the many visitors that stopped by.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Edi and Ruben in Haiti

Edi Souto and Ruben Rivera were in Haiti, representing GAiN Spain, to work on the Reconstruction Project of the Ça-Ira Orphanage for 100 orphaned children. The original orphanage was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake.

On January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced the worst natural disaster in its history. The world was left perplexed as it contemplated the devastation that the earthquake caused, an earthquake that left nearly 300,000 death in its wake. 

Leogane is one of the poorest regions in Haiti and the Ça-Ira Orphanage, which is located there, provided a home, care and educational opportunities to one hundred children that had already been orphaned before the disaster. When the earthquake hit, in less than a minute, the children´s home came plummeting down and buried among its rubble five children and two educators that were not able to be saved.

During the first few months, the children had to live in shelters and very small camping tents, and in many cases they slept on the ground. During the rainy season the rain flooded the tents, creating a very serious situation in regard to hygiene. Later, temporary wooden houses were built.

Ruben Rivera continues the story...

"Just as soon as the earthquake hit, Agape started to work through it´s humanitarian aid arm of GAiN by sending help to the people of Haiti in the form of food, camping tents, water filters, medical supplies. While this was all going on, we made the decision to rebuild the Ça-Ira Children´s Home in a country where many orphan children live in the street. If they don´t have a home that will take them in, they can easily fall prey to abuse and violence. The children´s home can offer them protection, education and hope.

In the first phase we will construct a building that will house 100 children. In the second phase, a school will be built that will also be open for other children who live in the area. A later phase of the project is the creation of a job training center for those who finish their studies and also the creation of a medical center. 

After having cleard away the rubble, the construction project got underway, a project in which we hope to offer dignity to these Haitian children. Haiti is consumed with misery but its people are full of strength, honesty, courage and joy.

After all that we have seen and lived in these days, I am struck by the young men I met, like David, Geralson and René who all live in the orphanage that we are rebuilding in the Ça-Ira neighborhood. These young men are genuine and noble. They are men that we would want at our side if we had to lift our own countries out of the rubble of such a brutal earthquake."

Friday, 13 May 2011

E+M Granada at the Dawn Refuge

From April 29 to May 2 the Existe Más Mundo group from Granada went to the Dawn Refuge in Portugal. Our fellow staff Rebekah, Sam and Garrick, together with Pablo and Ina, two students from the University of Granada, set out on their long trip to Portugal to serve and, in this way, to leave their mark in the world. During the weeks prior to the visit, the Granada group collected boxes of cereal at the different departments on campus to take to the children at the Refuge. The students donated close to 50 boxes of cereal all together.

The team that went to the Refuge helped Joel with his yard work and his sports equipment inventories; but the best part was the time that they got to spend with the kids. They played soccer, mime games, video games and some good old-fashioned dancing around. They were also able to accompany the kids on an outing to Penafiel.

The Granada group was wiped out on their way home but everyone agreed that it had been a unique opportunity to help make a difference. They deepened the relationships among the group, they made some new friends and everyone came back asking when they could return again to the Dawn Refuge.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Archivo Cero was in Albacete

The weekend of April 30-May 1 Albacete opened it´s doors for its Hall of Comics and Archivo Cero (the Zero File) didn´t want to miss the opportunity. Once again Marc and Eva introduced this animation comic series that is really reaching adolescents and young adults.

The biggest news of the weekend is that all the kids that passed by the stand made comments about how much they loved the series. Since the Albacete Hall of Comics passed out publicity ahead of time with information about each person or series that would be present at the event, Archivo Cero was mentioned along with its web page. As a result, the majority of the visitors at the stand had already seen the series.

Marc and Eva both are very pleased with the acceptance and the feedback that Archivo Cero is receiving from all the Halls of Comics.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Archivo Cero (File Zero) at MP

Archivo Cero (File Zero) was at MP, Misión Posible (Mission Possible). More than 900 young people from around the country met at this conference called MP and Archivo Cero didn´t miss the opportunity. The objective was to raise up enthusiastic promoters of the series that could pass out bracelets and promote Archivo Cero in their cities and among their friends. The result? 40 young people made a commitment to be promoters of this series that is reaching young people throughout Spain.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Emsi-working to improve the lives of children

The Emsimision team that Javier García traveled with has now returned home with their minds and hearts full of emotion and memories of stories, people and experiences. A few days ago, we wrote about some of the operations that the medical team completed in Burkina. Today we want to share a bit more about this beautiful work that they have done in Africa.

"On Friday, April 22, some of us went to CEFISE, a large center in West Africa where deaf children and hearing children study together. This enables them all to learn sign language which creates a perfect integration for those who have partial and total hearing loss. All together, in the 3 centers that CEFISE has in Burkina, there are 3,434 school children between 3 and 25 years old. The educational needs of every age group are met, from infancy to high school graduation and professional training. One out of eight of these children is deaf.

Emsimision´s partnership with CEFISE consists of child sponsorships by families of children with hearing deficiencies. These families cover the necessary costs of development for these children to become an integrated part of society, to be able to communicate and recognize their self-worth. In fact, many of these deaf children go on to university and the majority of them learn a trade thanks to the professional training that is also given at the center.

We can see an example in the picture above: In the photo we see Poline. She is a 7-year-old deaf Burkinabé girl and in September she will be able to go to school for the first time thanks to Silvia. Silvia decided to sponsor her and give her the opportunity to learn sign language and she may also have the opportunity to receive auditory implants tht would allow her to hear for the first time. 

Emsimision partners with CEFISE to fund the costs of education and feeding of 15 boys and girls that have been sponsored by families thanks to the Oumarou Project (which takes its name from the first child that was sponsored.) We visited them on Friday and we took them some gifts that the sponsors had asked us to bring."

We give thanks to God for this opportunity, for their protection and also for the courage and the commitment of this team that traveled there, that worked hard in spite of the riots, the nation-wide curfew and all the complications that came from them.

"The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’" --Matthew 25:40

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Archivo Cero (File Zero) in Barcelona

"Thank you for the bracelet. I congratulate you guys for your initiative. Coming to this Hall of Comics has really been worth it. Congratulations again and I hope that everything goes well as you continue updating the web. You have a new fan."

"This morning I saw the series and it´s not bad at all. It´s very well dome; and thanks for the candy and the braclet."

"Will this series be shown on TV? Because that would be awesome."

"It´s an interesting proposal from the hacker series. It´s a series that I was looking for and by conincidence I just found it on the internet."

"I love Archivo Cero (the File Zero). I´m hooked and I am so curious and anxiously waiting for the new espisode."

"Without historical memory, we are more easily swayed and influenced. Fantastic series and I love the bracelet. Thanks for everything! :D"

"I´ve seen some of the episdoes and I really liked them. When is the next one coming out?"

These are some of the comments that young people from the Barcelona Hall of Comics left on Archivo Cero´s Facebook page.

Marc and Eva also told us that there were several kids that were looking for the Archivo Cero stand because several months before they had seen it for the first time. They told Marc and Eva that they had been following the series and they couldn´t wait for episode 5 to come out. There was even one young person who has for an additional bracelet because the one they gave him at the last Hall of Comics in Barcelona was worn out.

We are so happy to know that the series is reaching adolescents and young adults. It´s encouraging to realize that they are following the series, it´s making them think and they are enjoying it.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Emsimisión in Burkina

Emsimisión has traveled once again to Burkina Faso to continue the restoration of body and soul of the Burkinian people. Our fellow staff member Javier Garcia accompanied them as on other occasions.

During this trip, not only did the group encounter the usual challenges, like 112ºF average temperatures and the condition of the physician´s medical tools; but they also had to deal with the unstable situation of rioting that has been going on in the country. Even though they themselves are well and far from danger, the nation-wide curfew that was declared has forced the delay of their plans and projects.

In spite of these circumstances, the team is completing its objectives. The following is a summary of what they have experienced and done from their log on April 21st:

"It´s been an intense day in which we have completed 130 extractions, 81 dental visits, 22 cataract operations, 53 pediatric visits, and 64 blood tests, half of which tested positive for malaria.

The statistics, listed as they are, would mean nothing if they weren´t linked to people with names, with families, with personal projects (although the idea of "projects" might have a different concept from the way we in the Western world think of projects.) Their projects are not projects of innovation, nor of real estate speculation, nor professional development. They are life projects, personal projects of survival, in a land that is dry and arid during this time of year, where the basic food needs are barely met for the population. 

Emsimisión offers what it does best: qualified professionals and volunteers from the healthcare field and their time and professional knowledge, free of cost, to serve the peole of Yagma to help aleviate their suffering; while at the same time, offering professional training to medical students in the country, the future doctors of Burkina."

We thank God for the commitment, dedication and courage of these well-equipped people to continue helping and serving in the midst of difficult circumstances. Let´s continue to pray for our fellow laborers and for Burkina Faso.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

EJE in Madrid

This past April 9th and 10th EJE showed up again in Madrid, surprising 24 teenagers and young adults from different cities who got to live the experience of the EJE. Mariano Pineda, the director of this ministry tool in Madrid, summarizes the impressions of the participants:

"At one point, we asked the youth that attended the event, `How would you define the EJE in one word?´   And these were their responses...

"Community," "Service," "Fun," "Change," "Jesus," "Opportunity," "Action," "Love," "Friendship," "Surprise," "Emotion."

During this weekend we experienced all of this once again, serving 25 teenagers and young adults. We also had the privilege of team members from Tarragona, Granada and Albacete working with us."

Monday, 18 April 2011

News from GAiN

We continue to receive news from Riga where the directors of GAiN, from different European countries, are meeting. Ruben Rivera´s most recent update mentions the agreements and decisions that have been made.

The directors of GAiN continue our meetings in Riga and we have signed a protocol document of collaboration and common strategies among the 5 European countries represented. Among other things, we were able to come to an agreement about the projects that we will be concentrating on in the upcoming years. These projects are located in countries like Estonia, Lativa, Romania, Bosnia and outside of Europe as well, Haiti, Uganda and Japan. Working together we hope to continue creating and increasing their aid network to reach the maximum number of needy people in these places. This is what unites and motivates the group. 

--Ruben Rivera

In the photograph (left to right):
Daina Vilde (Gain Letonia), Rubén Rivera (Gain España), Max Veenstra (Gain Holanda), Klaus Dewald (Gain Alemania) and Peter Heinz (Gain Austria). 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

GAiN in Europe unites its efforts to continue helping throughout the world

The directors from the European countries where GAiN exists are meeting from April 13-17 in Riga, Latvia. Ruben Rivera, GAiN Spain director, informs us below of what´s happening in this first European GAiN Conference.

"Greetings to everyone from Riga!

Represented here are Germany, Holland, Austria, Latvia, Estonia and Spain. Together we are working out common strategies to be more effective in the sending of humanitarian aid wherever it´s necessary. We are creating a combined logistic network that will sustain the sending of this aid throughout the world, especially wanting to involve people that want to participate in this mission that unites us all.

It´s very exciting to be a part, as GAiN España, of this common visoin of so many countries, working with intensity and excellence in the midst of the needs of those who suffer most around the world.

While I´m here at the conference I wanted to encourage you to join with us in the projects that we are carrying out within Spain and outside of Spain.

You already know it....TOGETHER WE CAN HELP.

--Ruben Rivera"

Pictured in the photo are the European GAiN directors.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Buenpass Jam

This past Saturday, April 9th, the team of teenagers from Urban Media particpated with the Buenpass Jam event in the Bon Pastor neighborhood in Barcelona. Buenpass Jam is a hip hop event with sports and urban culture whose objective is to mobilize young people of the neighborhood to create community and promote positive values through the mediums of the arts and sports.

This festival came from the initiative of the educators in the neighborhood and the youth associations related to the urban culture of the District 9 neighborhood, of which Urban Media is a part. It was a great opportunity to be able to serve and help the city of Barcelona through the talents and resources that God has given us.

Urban Media was also responsible for producing the promotional video of the event.

BUENPASS JAM 2011 from Urban Teuve on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Basketball Academy in Parque Victoria

Athletes in Action has re-started its bilingual basketball academy in La Cala, Malaga. It´s a project for children, teenagers and young adults from 4-18 years-old. Through these basketball classes, AIA is able to share life principles and values that not only reach the young people who participate, but this activity also gives our fellow staff the opportunity to be in contact with the parents and the community of La Cala.

This basketball project is a relational project that deals with people, but it is also a high-quality sports program. These classes are some of the most well-known in Málaga and they are linked to Sportplus in Frigiliana. The coaches, official players, are Spaniards and Americans.

Among those that are participating are our fellow staff Ruben Fernández, Abraham Crespo and Lindsay Zastrow.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Archivo Cero (File Zero) in El Fuerte

Our fellow staff member Mar Resa is starting to work with one of the Malaga Administrative Councils, specifically with the council of the El Fuerte neighborhood. There she is promoting Obra Social Agape (Social Work Agape) and also Archivo Cero (File Zero.)

This past Saturday Archivo Cero was shown at the community hall of the neighborhood. On the work team, in addition to counting on the partnership of the Student Ministry STINTERS in Málaga, a youth group from one of the local churches attended to lend a hand. This same group participated in the Hall of Comics in Granada and the associated event of LINK a few months ago.

It was a good turn out with 25 young people, between 10 and 15 years-old, showing up. Their response was very positive to the introduction of the series. The most significant thing was the reaction of the adolescents when Jesus showed up in Chapter 3. At first, everyone was quiet without having to be asked to quiet down. As the animated comic continued they started to whisper about who that person was that left the protagonists speechless.

Mar said that what impressed her most was to see how Jesus continues to make an impact by His presence alone and never leaves anyone indifferent. Noone told the crowd that the character in Chapter 3 was Jesus, but the adolescents knew it as soon as they saw him. Our desire and prayer is that not only recongize who Jesus is by his physical appearance, but that He also reveals Himself to their hearts.

The next challenge for Mar and Gema Álvarez is to be able to take Archivo Cero and Link to other cities in Andalucía. The next stop where Archivo Cero will be shown will be Jaén.

Our great desire is that Jesus continues to impact and reveal himself to adolescents in Andalucía through this special comic series.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Chapter 4 of Archivo Cero (File Zero)

Chapter 4 of the Archivo Cero series has now been published. You can see it by clicking here. Be sure to promote this series among your contacts, acquaintances and friends.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Felix and Sara in Chile

During the months of January and February, Felix Ortiz and Sara Bonet travelled to Chile where they visited different cities with the goal of working with leaders and young people. It was the first time that Felix and Sara had done ministry in this country. According to Felix, the really enjoyed their time and it was a great blessing. Below we are able to learn more about the trip, narrated by Felix himself:

Our first stop in the country was Vallenar, in the north, in the Atacama Desert. There we worked with an NGO called Filadelfia that, among other activities, works with boys and girls at-risk. We had the opportunity to lead a training time at their camp in mid-January. The work that this organization does is very important and they are doing a great work and having a great impact among young people in the area. 

Our next stop was in Valparaiso/Quilpué where we participated in CIMA/FACTOR X, a national missions conference whose objective was to motivate young people to missions, short-term and long-term. The enphasis was not just in missions to other countries but also in the mission here and now, that is to say, in our own countries and our own little worlds. 

Our last stop was in Chile´s capital, Santiago. There were worked with "Especialidades Junveniles" (Youth Specialties) and shared a seminar with youth leaders about working with post-modern youth.

Pictured above: -Felix during one of his talks at CIMA/FACTOR X

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Money and Stability Didn´t Get Me Out of Bed in the Mornings

Abraham Crespo is one of our newest team members in Agape. He officially entered Agape at the beginning of the year with the Athletes in Action team and currently is doing a one-year internship in Malaga. he is from Barcelona and first connected with Athletes in Action last summer when he went to Ohio for an AIA Summer Project. We asked him to write a few lines to tell us more about his story and how he got to Málaga to share the gospel through the medium of sports:

"It all started 2 years ago in the summer of 2008. I had my first contact with Athletes in Action on the basketball courts in Frigiliana, Malaga. I was totally captivated by the vision of talking about my relationship with God using the medium of sports. Although I had already been a volunteer with Agape through Urban Constortium and had even initiated a sports project, seeing that there were others that had that same dream really motivated me.

That same year before the summer came, God was speaking to me about my life plans. I wasn´t really enjoying my job as an electrician working at a big international company. It was a good job with lots of independence but the money and the stability didn´t get me out of bed in the mornings. All of sudden, in true hippie spirit, I went to Madrid to talk to my boss to tell him that the money no longer attracted me and that God has new plans for me. His response was expected, "You are crazy. We are in the midst of an [economic] crisis."

So in pursuit of the campus, I left my job with the idea of entering the university as a sports major to be a committed Christian in the sports world. After paying my tuition in the summer, I showed up to start classes but to my surprise, because of the Bologna Process the entrance requirements had changed over the summer and I couldn´t access the major I wanted with the studies I had already done. Then I told myself, "You´ve really blown it now." I didn´t have a job and I couldn´t study either....but God´s plan was just about to unfold. There were 8 months of "why?"s where my interior was broken so that God could build me up from the inside out. ( "And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.” Mark 2:22)

So, at the end of this process, without a dime, I found myself in Ohio working at an Athletes in Action summer project where God confirmed this missionary calling."

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

MAGDALENA Showing in Terrassa

Agape, in collaboration wtih the Iglesia Unida de Terrassa (United Church of Terrassa) just finished a second showing of the film Magdalena: Released From Shame on March 12, commemorating International Women´s Day. Isa Fernández and Gema Pérez were two of our fellow staff that were in charge of this gathering. Isa gives us a few more details about the event:

"After the showing, we had a panel that addressed women´s issues: what women deal with during the time of Jesus compared with what women face today in the world and in Terrassa; balancing family life with work, the role of women in the church, the hope that Jesus gives us in dealing with illness....

The statistics about the disadvantages that still go on for women are chilling:
-70% of the world´s poor are women.
-Two out of three illiterate adults are women.
-More than 2/3 of the unpaid work in the world is done by women.
-7 out of 10 hungry people in the world are women and children.
-Throughout the world 20-50% of women experience some type of domestic violence during the course of their marriage.
-The majority of victims of war today are women and children, not soldiers.
-The majority of women earn, as a rule, about 3/4 of the salary of men for doing the same job, (not counting the agriculture industry) whether in industrialized countries or developing countries.
-Human trafficking is the fastest-growing international crime and one of the most important sources of income for organized crime. Between 600,000 and 800,000 men, women and children are trafficked and 80% of them are women and children. Even now in the 21st century there is trafficking of women through deception or the use of force. They are forced to leave their homes to be exploited in different ways. There continues to be a need for determined action and a fight against these situations.

During the Magdalena film, Jesus relates on a equal level with all human beings, bringing complete acceptance and unconditional love in spite of being elderly, man, woman or child, Samaritan, prostitute, sick, sinner. The love of Jesus is practical.  It´s not just theory. It´s not empty words. His love transformed situations in his society and met the needs of people. This is one of the messages that we try to convey during the film showings. In addition, we have invited all who attended the showing to participate in a women´s growth and study group that will start March 28th."

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Marcos...from Haiti

The reconstruction of Haiti will need to be a long-term commitment. 6 months ago the reconstruction began of the Ca-Ira Children´s Home in Leogane, Haiti which was designed by the architect Edgar Zeiss and will be built in phases during the next 3 years.

Just as we mentioned 2 weeks ago, Marcos Fernández (pictured above on the right) is the first Spanish volunteer that has travelled to haiti with GAiN España to work on the reconstruction. A few days ago Marcos sent a video where he shares a bit about the reality that he is experiencing there.

You can access the video here.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

"My dear Joel, I´ll see you in heaven"

"My dear Joel, I´ll see you in heaven." These were the words of a dear friend, emotional during the tribute that was given to Joel at his going-home celebration. Joel Iglesias, beloved brother, friend and fellow staff member, co-labored with his wife Gloria for many years in the Family Life minsitry, caring for and ministering to couples, and helping them to experience the healing and restoration that only Jesus offers. Yesterday he said goodbye in Malaga after a 5-year battle with a terrible illness.

As it was said today at his tribute, Joel has gone but his labor lives on. We give thanks to God for his life and his legacy and we ask for prayers for his family.