Thursday, 27 January 2011

Archivo Cero (File Zero) in Cordoba

Archivo Cero (File Zero) made a stop last week in Cordoba. On Thursday and Friday, the Archivo Cero contest was presented at varios grade schools and high schools around the city. On Friday in particular, our fellow staff had the opportunity to be inside one of the high schools, on the patio during recess. There were able to display images of the characters from the internet comic series as well as give out publicity about the contest and speak with interested teenagers.

Friday afternoon and Saturday the scene was totally different. This time, the kick off of Archivo Cero took place in two different Cordoba shopping malls. During this time, wrist bands and candies were passed out to promote the series for teenagers.

It was a good time introducing Archivo Cero to a new city and also getting to spend time, not only with the teenagers who were learning more about the series, but also with the volunteers in Cordoba that went to help during the weekend.

We give thanks to God for these tools that help us draw closer to teenagers and young adults in a natural and relevant way and at the same time help them draw closer to Jesus.

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