Saturday, 8 January 2011

Splash, A Magazine for the Whole Family

Splash is a magazine for children from 4 to 10 years old, but the secret to the magazine can be found in its description: "A magazine to learn from and enjoy together as a family." Through these pages, Christian values are promoted from principles that Jesus teaches: love for God and for others.

It´s a magazine that contains activities and is designed so that the family interacts with each other so as not to be merely another magazine with stories for parents to read to their children. Inside, one can find cooking projects to do with the kids, suggestions for outings, games, health advice, information about pets and more. Attention is given to each detail, keeping in mind that the material is not only for Christian families but rather for families who don´t know Jesus.

The team has been working throughout the year to improve and futher advance this communication tool. Thanks to Agape´s participation, it was possible to expand from its original 20 pages to 32 pages adn to increase the circulation to 2000 copies. In addition, the first issue of 2010 was accompanied by the DVD called The Story of Jesus for Children,  a children´s version of the Jesus film. The latest edition of Splash included a Story of Jesus for Children workbook with a comic series, games and activities organized into 6 lessons, a teacher´s guide and a simple explanation of how to have a relationship with God. For the first time in it´s history, the publication became out of print in less than a month and a second edition had to be printed.

The Splash magazine also has a special section about people who work for the well-being of children. In the summer edition, a report was published about the work that the organization Todo Por Una Sonrisa (Anything for a Smile) does with children in hospitals in Andalucía. In the latest edition, the column takes us back to the origins of the children´s home, Refugio del Alba (Dawn Refuge), featuring some young, unknown dreamers who are much more well known today. You can visit their website to find out more about the Splash magazine by clicking here. Hard copies of the Splash magazine will be available soon on Agape´s website under the "Resources" link.

The following video is a report from Televisión Española about Splash, featuring Daniel and Vanina Demai, Family Life staff in Madrid.

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