Friday, 25 February 2011

The Price of Love

"Women with Purpose," a Christian women´s association in Cordoba organizes a monthly meeting where they invite their friends, family members, co-workers, etc...At these meetings, in addition to offering refreshments, there is a guest speaker who speaks on the monthly topic that is addressed in their blog. During the month of February the topic was "Yes to Life" and the guest speaker who spoke of the value of life was our fellow staff member Gema Alvarez. Gema tells us how the meeting went.

"It was a special time with a good number of my aquaintances and even some of the women from the neighborhood that were invited to the talk. We were able to talk with them, get to know them a bit more and even laugh with them. 

After some significant time of coffee and introductions, the moment had come to tell them about the difficulties we experienced during my pregnancy in which the doctors told us when I was 10-weeks-pregnant that the baby would probably die during the pregnancy, and that if she survived she would be sickly. Evelyn, my daughter who is now 17-months-old and who, after a heart operation, is a happy and healthy little girl, was present at the meeting, giving testimony to my words that God continues to work miracles today and that He is the only one wise enough to give life and take it away. 

It was a great opportunity to share about how great our God is and how He sustains us, loves us and gives us the strength that we don´t have in the midst of our difficulties."

The title that the women´s association chose for the topic and for the talk was "The Price of Love." For those of us who love God, there is no doubt of the value of life since we know the price that Jesus paid out of love for our lives.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

God Gave Me More Than I Asked For

A few weeks ago we shared that some fellow staff took "Archivo Cero" to the city of Córdoba. As we mentioned earlier, Archvio Cero set up its display in two different shopping malls there and Marc Fuentes, Eva Aldea and Gema Alvarez took the Archivo Cero contest to several middle and high schools. In addition, the "Link" exercise was introduced to a youth group at a church in Córdoba.

We´ve already mentioned the experience that Alfonso had thanks to "Link." Today we also wanted to share another story from one of the girls that participated in "Link" with them. Mariló not only participated in "Link," but she also accomapnied our fell staff to the high schools to promote the Archivo Cero contest and was there the whole time we were at the shopping malls, helping to get the word out about this on-line comic series and talking to the teenagers that came by. 

This is how she described her experience during those days:

"That weekend was very special for me. It was a time to share, to get to know each other, to learn, to laugh, to listen...and in particular LINKwas surprising because through its activities I was able to get to know myself better and understand a little better how God sees me. I know that God shows us His love day to day, but with LINK I was able to experience it and it made me feel special. Also, at the shopping malls with Archivo Cero, I enjoyed the whole thing: setting up the tables, passing out the wrist bands and candy, chatting....everything! Throughout that weekend, I noticed how God responded to my prayers because I was praying a lot for that time and God gave me more than I asked for."

It´s satisfying to be able to take the gospel to those who don´t know Jesus, but it´s also encouraging to be able to influence and motivate others to do the same to carry out the mission that has been entrusted to us.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Jesús Finished His Treatments

A few weeks ago, we told you about a free dental program that had been started by Emsimisión and TincGana for homeless people in Barcelona. The first patient to be treated was a man named Jesús. Today, Samuel Palacios sent an update to share with us because Jesús has finished his treatments.

"It just took a second, a ´click,´and we could see a totally different expression on Jesus´ face. The new prosthesis was perfect, it fit, and at that moment, Jesús realized it. All at once he teared up and started thanking everyone in sight!

It might seem like something small, but for Jesús, to be able to have teeth again has changed his life. That same weekend he went to visit his family, after a year of not seeing them. The following week he went to visit a social worker that is helping him to find work. He´s been to interviews and, although at times he still gets discouraged, everyone who knows him says that he´s really changed.

Work with Jesús continues, but we are very thankful to God to have been able to be there in that moment, to have seen that expression on his face. Thanks also to Emsimisión and to all the TincGana volunteers. We keep moving forward with hope of seeing even more lives restored!"

It´s a privilege to be able to share the gospel with our words and without them. The result is always life-changing. Thank you to our fellow staff in Barcelona for this precious testimony.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"Link" was a blessing! I I want to do it again!

More than 2 weeks ago the Zero File was in Cordoba, distributing publicity about the Zero File contest in grammar schools and high schools and also promoting the internet comic series at 2 different shopping malls. Zero File is not just an internet comic series. Not only is it a great tool to help young people discover Jesus, but it´s also a way to help young people in the churches evaluate their relationships with others, with themselves and with God.

In Cordoba, as in other cities, Marc Fuentes, Eva Aldea and Gema Alvarez were able to take "Link"  to a church youth group in one of the cities. Alfonso, one of the youth in the group, was really impressed by "Link" and he wanted to share with us about his experience:

"Hello everyone! "Link" seemed to me to be very edifying. Why? Because it made each one of us that was present open our hearts, and for me who has known everyone there for a long time, I listened to them share personal things from their lives that I´d never heard before and that I had no idea about. This helped me to open up my heart too. We all felt very comfortable and, personally, I didn´t want the activity to end. In terms of the two games that they did, we were all very entertained and we were able to take away something from each game, like what unity looks like among us, if we are really trusting the people in our group, knowing that we should listen to each other and pay attention, etc.

Pictured in the photo above is the youth group during one of the LINK games.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Change in Leadership

After five years of faithful service at the head of the Student Ministry, Marc Fuentes and Eva Aldea will be passing the baton to Garrick and Dziu Roegner. Marc and Eva began as national directors of "Aventura" (Student Venture), Agape´s adolescent ministry, and when "Aventura" and Campus fused together into the Student Ministry, they became the national directors for all of Agape´s ministry to young people. Their time as National Directors came to a close in December and a new challenge of leadership has begun for Garrick and Dziu.

We want to recognize all of Marc and Eva´s work and effort and dedication. All of their fellow staff are very appreciative of their labor and their special way with us and with those that don´t know Jesus. Currently, they will continue on in their role with the National Team, together with Edi Souto, Isabel Fernandez, Ruben River and Loida Martin.

Garrick and Dziu, who have been working with the Student Ministry in Granada, will become the latest National Directors for the Student Ministry.

We are appreciative and proud of staff like Marc and Eva who have dedicated the last 5 years to leading the Student Ministry and also of Garrick and Dziu, for the courage and willingness to step into this role. We give thanks to God for the people He calls to take the gospel and for their obedience to the call.