Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Change in Leadership

After five years of faithful service at the head of the Student Ministry, Marc Fuentes and Eva Aldea will be passing the baton to Garrick and Dziu Roegner. Marc and Eva began as national directors of "Aventura" (Student Venture), Agape´s adolescent ministry, and when "Aventura" and Campus fused together into the Student Ministry, they became the national directors for all of Agape´s ministry to young people. Their time as National Directors came to a close in December and a new challenge of leadership has begun for Garrick and Dziu.

We want to recognize all of Marc and Eva´s work and effort and dedication. All of their fellow staff are very appreciative of their labor and their special way with us and with those that don´t know Jesus. Currently, they will continue on in their role with the National Team, together with Edi Souto, Isabel Fernandez, Ruben River and Loida Martin.

Garrick and Dziu, who have been working with the Student Ministry in Granada, will become the latest National Directors for the Student Ministry.

We are appreciative and proud of staff like Marc and Eva who have dedicated the last 5 years to leading the Student Ministry and also of Garrick and Dziu, for the courage and willingness to step into this role. We give thanks to God for the people He calls to take the gospel and for their obedience to the call.

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