Wednesday, 23 February 2011

God Gave Me More Than I Asked For

A few weeks ago we shared that some fellow staff took "Archivo Cero" to the city of Córdoba. As we mentioned earlier, Archvio Cero set up its display in two different shopping malls there and Marc Fuentes, Eva Aldea and Gema Alvarez took the Archivo Cero contest to several middle and high schools. In addition, the "Link" exercise was introduced to a youth group at a church in Córdoba.

We´ve already mentioned the experience that Alfonso had thanks to "Link." Today we also wanted to share another story from one of the girls that participated in "Link" with them. Mariló not only participated in "Link," but she also accomapnied our fell staff to the high schools to promote the Archivo Cero contest and was there the whole time we were at the shopping malls, helping to get the word out about this on-line comic series and talking to the teenagers that came by. 

This is how she described her experience during those days:

"That weekend was very special for me. It was a time to share, to get to know each other, to learn, to laugh, to listen...and in particular LINKwas surprising because through its activities I was able to get to know myself better and understand a little better how God sees me. I know that God shows us His love day to day, but with LINK I was able to experience it and it made me feel special. Also, at the shopping malls with Archivo Cero, I enjoyed the whole thing: setting up the tables, passing out the wrist bands and candy, chatting....everything! Throughout that weekend, I noticed how God responded to my prayers because I was praying a lot for that time and God gave me more than I asked for."

It´s satisfying to be able to take the gospel to those who don´t know Jesus, but it´s also encouraging to be able to influence and motivate others to do the same to carry out the mission that has been entrusted to us.

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