Thursday, 17 February 2011

Jesús Finished His Treatments

A few weeks ago, we told you about a free dental program that had been started by Emsimisión and TincGana for homeless people in Barcelona. The first patient to be treated was a man named Jesús. Today, Samuel Palacios sent an update to share with us because Jesús has finished his treatments.

"It just took a second, a ´click,´and we could see a totally different expression on Jesus´ face. The new prosthesis was perfect, it fit, and at that moment, Jesús realized it. All at once he teared up and started thanking everyone in sight!

It might seem like something small, but for Jesús, to be able to have teeth again has changed his life. That same weekend he went to visit his family, after a year of not seeing them. The following week he went to visit a social worker that is helping him to find work. He´s been to interviews and, although at times he still gets discouraged, everyone who knows him says that he´s really changed.

Work with Jesús continues, but we are very thankful to God to have been able to be there in that moment, to have seen that expression on his face. Thanks also to Emsimisión and to all the TincGana volunteers. We keep moving forward with hope of seeing even more lives restored!"

It´s a privilege to be able to share the gospel with our words and without them. The result is always life-changing. Thank you to our fellow staff in Barcelona for this precious testimony.

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