Friday, 25 February 2011

The Price of Love

"Women with Purpose," a Christian women´s association in Cordoba organizes a monthly meeting where they invite their friends, family members, co-workers, etc...At these meetings, in addition to offering refreshments, there is a guest speaker who speaks on the monthly topic that is addressed in their blog. During the month of February the topic was "Yes to Life" and the guest speaker who spoke of the value of life was our fellow staff member Gema Alvarez. Gema tells us how the meeting went.

"It was a special time with a good number of my aquaintances and even some of the women from the neighborhood that were invited to the talk. We were able to talk with them, get to know them a bit more and even laugh with them. 

After some significant time of coffee and introductions, the moment had come to tell them about the difficulties we experienced during my pregnancy in which the doctors told us when I was 10-weeks-pregnant that the baby would probably die during the pregnancy, and that if she survived she would be sickly. Evelyn, my daughter who is now 17-months-old and who, after a heart operation, is a happy and healthy little girl, was present at the meeting, giving testimony to my words that God continues to work miracles today and that He is the only one wise enough to give life and take it away. 

It was a great opportunity to share about how great our God is and how He sustains us, loves us and gives us the strength that we don´t have in the midst of our difficulties."

The title that the women´s association chose for the topic and for the talk was "The Price of Love." For those of us who love God, there is no doubt of the value of life since we know the price that Jesus paid out of love for our lives.

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