Monday, 7 March 2011

GAiN España´s First Volunteer to Haiti: Marcos Fernández

Marcos Fernández is GAiN España´s first volunteer to travel to Haiti to work on the reconstruction of the Ca-Ira Children´s Home. On Saturday, March 5 he began his adventure, but his collaboration and preparation began some time earlier.

At the end of February, Marcos spent 3 days at the GAiN Germany office in  Giessen to learn and prepare himself as a volunteer to work on the reconstruction project in Haiti.

During his time in Germany, Marcos was able to learn more about the details of this huge undertaking that has been started through the reconstruction of the Ca-Ira Children´s Home. He had a chance to learn about other GAiN projects as well such as the Noah´s Ark Children´s Orphanage in Uganda, which had operational plans similar to that of Ca-Ira.

He also spent time in the warehouses to learn about they way GAiN works. He saw lots of materials for distribution to the needy including clothes, baby food and school backpacks for children. While he was there, he was able to help load containers that were heading for both Haiti and Ukrania. In one of the containers there were 100 donated mattresses for the Ca-Ira Children´s Home.

During his time in Haiti, which will be a 3-month stint with the possibility of staying longer, he hopes to learn French, get to know the country, be able to adapt to the culture and the environment, work with new people and carry out the hard work that is waiting there for him. Marcos will be transporting materials between Port-a-Prince and Ca-Ira. He will also be responsible for operating a backhoe which will be used to break ground for the construction.

When he was asked about his expectations for the project, he said, "It´s going to be a challenge. There will be lots of new things. The first few months will be the most difficult because right now there is no running water nor electricity and the food is very scarce; but within a year we hope that things will be different."

We are grateful to have people like Marcos with us who are able adn willing to invest their and their lives in this way.


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