Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Archivo Cero (File Zero) in Barcelona

"Thank you for the bracelet. I congratulate you guys for your initiative. Coming to this Hall of Comics has really been worth it. Congratulations again and I hope that everything goes well as you continue updating the web. You have a new fan."

"This morning I saw the series and it´s not bad at all. It´s very well dome; and thanks for the candy and the braclet."

"Will this series be shown on TV? Because that would be awesome."

"It´s an interesting proposal from the hacker series. It´s a series that I was looking for and by conincidence I just found it on the internet."

"I love Archivo Cero (the File Zero). I´m hooked and I am so curious and anxiously waiting for the new espisode."

"Without historical memory, we are more easily swayed and influenced. Fantastic series and I love the bracelet. Thanks for everything! :D"

"I´ve seen some of the episdoes and I really liked them. When is the next one coming out?"

These are some of the comments that young people from the Barcelona Hall of Comics left on Archivo Cero´s Facebook page.

Marc and Eva also told us that there were several kids that were looking for the Archivo Cero stand because several months before they had seen it for the first time. They told Marc and Eva that they had been following the series and they couldn´t wait for episode 5 to come out. There was even one young person who has for an additional bracelet because the one they gave him at the last Hall of Comics in Barcelona was worn out.

We are so happy to know that the series is reaching adolescents and young adults. It´s encouraging to realize that they are following the series, it´s making them think and they are enjoying it.

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