Thursday, 7 April 2011

Archivo Cero (File Zero) in El Fuerte

Our fellow staff member Mar Resa is starting to work with one of the Malaga Administrative Councils, specifically with the council of the El Fuerte neighborhood. There she is promoting Obra Social Agape (Social Work Agape) and also Archivo Cero (File Zero.)

This past Saturday Archivo Cero was shown at the community hall of the neighborhood. On the work team, in addition to counting on the partnership of the Student Ministry STINTERS in Málaga, a youth group from one of the local churches attended to lend a hand. This same group participated in the Hall of Comics in Granada and the associated event of LINK a few months ago.

It was a good turn out with 25 young people, between 10 and 15 years-old, showing up. Their response was very positive to the introduction of the series. The most significant thing was the reaction of the adolescents when Jesus showed up in Chapter 3. At first, everyone was quiet without having to be asked to quiet down. As the animated comic continued they started to whisper about who that person was that left the protagonists speechless.

Mar said that what impressed her most was to see how Jesus continues to make an impact by His presence alone and never leaves anyone indifferent. Noone told the crowd that the character in Chapter 3 was Jesus, but the adolescents knew it as soon as they saw him. Our desire and prayer is that not only recongize who Jesus is by his physical appearance, but that He also reveals Himself to their hearts.

The next challenge for Mar and Gema Álvarez is to be able to take Archivo Cero and Link to other cities in Andalucía. The next stop where Archivo Cero will be shown will be Jaén.

Our great desire is that Jesus continues to impact and reveal himself to adolescents in Andalucía through this special comic series.

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