Monday, 25 April 2011

Emsimisión in Burkina

Emsimisión has traveled once again to Burkina Faso to continue the restoration of body and soul of the Burkinian people. Our fellow staff member Javier Garcia accompanied them as on other occasions.

During this trip, not only did the group encounter the usual challenges, like 112ºF average temperatures and the condition of the physician´s medical tools; but they also had to deal with the unstable situation of rioting that has been going on in the country. Even though they themselves are well and far from danger, the nation-wide curfew that was declared has forced the delay of their plans and projects.

In spite of these circumstances, the team is completing its objectives. The following is a summary of what they have experienced and done from their log on April 21st:

"It´s been an intense day in which we have completed 130 extractions, 81 dental visits, 22 cataract operations, 53 pediatric visits, and 64 blood tests, half of which tested positive for malaria.

The statistics, listed as they are, would mean nothing if they weren´t linked to people with names, with families, with personal projects (although the idea of "projects" might have a different concept from the way we in the Western world think of projects.) Their projects are not projects of innovation, nor of real estate speculation, nor professional development. They are life projects, personal projects of survival, in a land that is dry and arid during this time of year, where the basic food needs are barely met for the population. 

Emsimisión offers what it does best: qualified professionals and volunteers from the healthcare field and their time and professional knowledge, free of cost, to serve the peole of Yagma to help aleviate their suffering; while at the same time, offering professional training to medical students in the country, the future doctors of Burkina."

We thank God for the commitment, dedication and courage of these well-equipped people to continue helping and serving in the midst of difficult circumstances. Let´s continue to pray for our fellow laborers and for Burkina Faso.

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