Thursday, 14 April 2011

GAiN in Europe unites its efforts to continue helping throughout the world

The directors from the European countries where GAiN exists are meeting from April 13-17 in Riga, Latvia. Ruben Rivera, GAiN Spain director, informs us below of what´s happening in this first European GAiN Conference.

"Greetings to everyone from Riga!

Represented here are Germany, Holland, Austria, Latvia, Estonia and Spain. Together we are working out common strategies to be more effective in the sending of humanitarian aid wherever it´s necessary. We are creating a combined logistic network that will sustain the sending of this aid throughout the world, especially wanting to involve people that want to participate in this mission that unites us all.

It´s very exciting to be a part, as GAiN España, of this common visoin of so many countries, working with intensity and excellence in the midst of the needs of those who suffer most around the world.

While I´m here at the conference I wanted to encourage you to join with us in the projects that we are carrying out within Spain and outside of Spain.

You already know it....TOGETHER WE CAN HELP.

--Ruben Rivera"

Pictured in the photo are the European GAiN directors.

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