Friday, 13 May 2011

E+M Granada at the Dawn Refuge

From April 29 to May 2 the Existe Más Mundo group from Granada went to the Dawn Refuge in Portugal. Our fellow staff Rebekah, Sam and Garrick, together with Pablo and Ina, two students from the University of Granada, set out on their long trip to Portugal to serve and, in this way, to leave their mark in the world. During the weeks prior to the visit, the Granada group collected boxes of cereal at the different departments on campus to take to the children at the Refuge. The students donated close to 50 boxes of cereal all together.

The team that went to the Refuge helped Joel with his yard work and his sports equipment inventories; but the best part was the time that they got to spend with the kids. They played soccer, mime games, video games and some good old-fashioned dancing around. They were also able to accompany the kids on an outing to Penafiel.

The Granada group was wiped out on their way home but everyone agreed that it had been a unique opportunity to help make a difference. They deepened the relationships among the group, they made some new friends and everyone came back asking when they could return again to the Dawn Refuge.

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