Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Existe Más Mundo Málaga in Portugal

On April 28 and 29 and also May 3 and 4, the promotion and re-launching of Existe Más Mundo took place at the Psychology and Literature departments on the Teatinos Campus in Málaga.

Using the activity "Dejar Huella en el Mundo" (Leave Your Mark on the World) and the promotion of their upcoming trip to the Dawn Refuge from May 19 to 23, the Existe Más Mundo team in Málaga was able to widen its circle of contacts and have some great conversations with students.

The students that received information showed great interest in participating in the various projects that are currently starting up. The first of these projects is the trip to the Dawn Refuge. Another project is a partnership with "Los Ángeles Malagueños de las Noches" (Malaga Night Angels), an association that distributes food daily to some 200 homeless people in the capital city. There are additional projects underway where students can participate including various workshops, and even an ongoing social program on personal values which takes place in one of the classrooms on campus.

The team is very excited because three new girls that they met during these days of promotion that will be joining them on the May 19th trip to the Dawn Refuge. Two of them are studying early childhood education.

It´s a privilege to have open access to university students who are grappling with social issues. The team´s desire is to create a relevant space for the students, to offer opportunities to develop their values and, each day, to become, little by little, more like Jesus.

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