Thursday, 2 June 2011

Existe Más Mundo Málaga in Portugal

As we published a few weeks ago, the Existe Más Mundo team from Málaga travelled to Portugal to the Dawn Refuge to take food goods to the home, to do odd jobs around the home and to get to know the Existe Más Mundo team in Portugal better.

Our fellow staff and the students from the team also brought along 2 young university women studying early childhood education whom they met on campus during a food drive for the children´s home. The experience was very positive for both women who shared that they had never before been involved in anything like this. Without a doubt, these days made a great impact on their lives.

During their time at the Dawn Refuge the team helped with a variety of jobs from gardening to playing with kids and spending quality time with them. They also organized some sports activities for the children in the neighborhood of Canellas (where the home is located) led by the children living at the Refuge.

In addition to their work at the Refuge, the Málaga team also partnered with the Existe Más Mundo team in Portugal who regularly distribute food to homeless people. The experience must have struck a chord with the Málaga team who will start this month to partner with another organization in Málaga that provides food for almost 300 homeless people a day in the Andalusian city.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt the love of Jesus is practical: it is seen, it is lived and, at times, it is expressed with words.

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