Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Existe Más Mundo Málaga in El Zaidín, Granada

The interest from Jusima and Coral has the biggest motivation to start Existe Más Mundo in Granada, specifically in the El Zaidín neighborhood. Patry Méndez met them recently and the concern and awareness that the two young ladies have to help others in their neighborhood inspired our fellow staff to start up the Exist Más Mundo project in the city. It will serve as a platform to develop the social work project in the neighborhood. Patry tells us a bit more about the hearts of these teenagers who dream of being able to help make the world a better place.

"Juseima (15-years-old) and Coral (14-years-old) have been the push we needed to start "Existe Más Mundo" in El Zaidín, one of the 2 districts where we are focusing in Granada. For me, in meeting them I have seen a great example of servant hearts and unconditional love toward others. In spite of their difficult situations and experiences in life, they have a desire that burns with great passion in their hearts. It´s about being able to make this world a better place by thinking about one´s fellow man more than in oneself, and in this way, demonstrating very strong values that have impacted me in a very special way.

Their desire is to be able to invest time in their own neighborhood, being sensitive to the needs that exist there that they see and experience day in and day out. With this passion, they have recruited more than 12 young people from the neighborhood to participate in "Existe Más Mundo" and every Thursday afternoon we meet with them and we teach a series on values. We are also preparing an action plan for the El Zaidín neighborhood the upcoming school year. We are very encouraged because we know that God has a plan for these kids who come from a variety of family backgrounds, some of them quite difficult with great needs. I believe this will open the door to show them the unconditional love that God has for them and also what He can do through them."

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