Friday, 8 July 2011

The Fuente del Peregrino--July 3-10, 2011

Ruben Rivera has been the director in Ligonde this past week. He sent us a message filled with good news...

"This week our team at the Fuente del Peregrino was made up of just 7 people. We are very happy because the flow of pilgrims coming by our pilgrim house has continued and because we´ve been able to care for so many people. The efficiency and care that the pilgrim house is known for has also continued, especially during the day.

The most encouraging news this week is that two people have accepted Christ after having been with us at the pilgrim house! Their names are Nevell from Scotland and Manuel, a 56-year-old fisherman from Barcelona, who, after almost dying at sea, left everything to search for God during many months on the Camino. He says that finally he found God this week."

Pictured above: Ruben and Manuel

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