Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Fuente del Peregrino--July 10-17, 2011

The week of July 10-17, the "Fuente" received, for a second year in a row, a group from the "El Cruce" Church in Madrid. Jorge, the pastor, dropped us a note with the following lines which we joyfully share with you:

"Thank you so much for keeping the Ligonde house going. Once again we had some great experiences with our team, with the neighbors and with the pilgrims. It was the first time that we had had 2 children in our group. Some of us weren't sure how it would turn out...but it went much better than we expected. They were an easy contact point with many people, especially the neighbors.

As we were talking with 2 girls from South Korea, they said that they were more inclined toward Buddhism, but they had some doubts and they weren't really sure. I was able to speak with them of another way to seek after God and about what there is after death. As I talked with them about creation and salvation, it was very interesting to discover the symbols they use in the South Korean language. What a surprise it was to realize that the symbols for the word "paradise" are two people in a garden! In the middle of the symbol for the word "salvation" there is a cross. We were able to talk about salvation in Christ who died on a cross. They were very surprised by these "coincidences" and wanted to visit a Christian church in Seoul to learn more about faith in Jesus. 

The last night we were there, we played the Jesus film with the prayer of salvation at the end of the film. After dinner, a young man came to me, quite impacted by the film. It had really touched him and he felt the need to make some changes in his life, especially regarding his family relationships. So, after the film, he wanted to pray to place his faith in Jesus. We were able to talk about how to take some concrete steps and we will stay in touch for more follow up.

Another pilgrim who was convinced about reincarnation of humans thought that he had been Jesus in his former life. He actually looked like the actors who played Jesus in the movies. Two people from our group were able to have a great conversation with him about who Jesus Christ really is and what HE did and still does. The young man left very grateful to have a greater understanding.

blessings and appreciation from the whole team, 

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