Thursday, 14 July 2011

You Have Changed My Life....

"El English Camp," a project developed for the el Zaidín neighborhood in Granada and led by teenagers ended its first series this past Sunday. Patry Méndez participated as a counselor with a group of Amercian summer counselors from Philadelphia specifically to partner on this initiative. Here she tells us more details of what happened during the English Camp....

" ´I still don´t know what you guys have done to me, but you´ve changed my life and you´ve given me a special happiness that I was needing...´

These were the words of Quique, a 16-year-old from the El Zaidín neighborhood who participated in our ´English Camp´ that was held last week there. It drew out 16 new teenagers from the "barrio." The principal objective was to establish new relationships with the young people that live in this district and offer some community service since El Zaidín is one of Granada´s districts with the lowest level of foreign language in the middle and high schools.

With the help of this team of summer counselors, made up of young people from Philadelphia who came specifically for this project, we have been together with these special Granada adolescents who have gained a special place in our hearts.

For some of these young people, like Quique for example, it was clear that they sensed the atmosphere of love and good fellowship that flowed in the entire group. They served voluntarily and without any expectations of compensation, something that noone could understand, especially in the midst of summer and so much heat.

Now we are developing a follow-up project to stay in touch with these kids and keep working with them during the upcoming school year."

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