Monday, 26 September 2011

File Zero Returns to Malaga

Friday September 23 was the start of "Imagina Málaga," the city´s Hall of Comics, and the Zero File or "Archivo Cero" was there. Together with several volunteers Eva Aldea and Gema Alvarez handed out bracelets and hard candy marked with the online series´web site.

For many of the young people that came by the stand it was the first time that they´d heard of Archivo Cero; but to the surprise of our fellow staff, they also spoke with some kids that were still wearing the bracelets that was handed out last year. Others that came by remembered Eva and some of the first few episodes from the last Hall of Comics in Malaga. Others told them that they were following the series and that they really liked it. Another boy even left a comment on Archivo Cero´s Facebook page before the event started to say that he would be waiting for them at the Hall of Comics.

"It´s been a weekend where we´ve seen yet again that young people and adolescents are watching this series and that they really like it Without a doubt that makes us happy; but the most significant is that there continue to be opportunities to meet and connect with young people on a more personal level through Archivo Cero." -Gema Alvarez