Monday, 17 October 2011

The School

The Spanish "school" for Arab women in Terrassa has once again begun its classes at the GAiN headquarters.

Our fellow staff member Isabel Fernández, one of the directors of this initiative, eagerly shares that this year there are 100 Arab women that are receiving Spanish classes. All together there are 9 teachers working with these women, two of whom are Moroccan women that offered to help with this need.

They teach 5 different levels of Spanish: introduction, literacy I, literacy II, reading and writing and intermediate Spanish.

These Spanish classes go much further than merely serving as a tool to help them communicate in our country. Through these classes other opportunities are opening up for them that, before, were quite unlikely. This is the case for Nassima and Soubija who recently stopped by the office to say "thank you" because, thanks to the Spanish classes that they received last year, they were able to register and complete their high school degree in a school for adults. The following were Nassima´s words....

"Thank you Isabel for all that you all have done for us. We are so happy to be studying and it´s going so well! If we hadn´t met you this would not be possible. Thank you so much! This year we aren´t able to study Spanish with you all but we´ll stay in touch. I just wanted to tell you face-to-face."

As you can see, the heart and the intention of this project goes far beyond the teaching of a language. The desire of our fellow staff women is to be able to invest in these women, in their personal development and in their lives.

Pictured above: Nassima, Isabel and Soubija

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