Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Manel Pujades Recovery House Will Open Soon

Next Monday, February 20, GAiN España will celebrate the beginning of a new social work project, focusing its attention on homeless men who are at great risk of social exclusion. The project is a recovery house called "Llar Manel Pujades" in Barcelona which will use an integrated approach to tend to the needs of 8 homeless men. The center will provide their housing, their food and psychological and social support through special programs, workshops and other activities.

Tomorrow, Sunday, there will be an informal "grand opening" ceremony and the following day the "Llar" or Recovery House will open its doors. At the moment, the center already has more than twenty volunteers who will be responsible for giving an integrated care to the men that come to the home in search of help. They will also be responsible for guiding them in their social integration using workshops and specific programs that will be adapted to the needs of each individual.

You can follow the details of this project through the GAiN Spain Facebook page or at GAiN´s website:

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