Thursday, 29 March 2012

"EnRed" (In the Net)

The weekend of March 9-11 at the Cielos Abiertos Ranch in Guadalajara, Madrid the first "EnRed" ("In The Net") event took place.

"EnRed" is a project of Alianza Joven (Youth Alliance), a ministry of the "Alianza Evangélica Española (Spanish Evangelical Alliance), whose objective is to create a network of youth leaders supported by an internet network. This network will contain the most significant collection of youth resources, provided without charge by the ministries that created the materials. The users that sign up to use these resources will also be able to invite and sign-up new users.

The idea is to generate an online community of people who work in youth ministry, from church youth leaders to representatives of ministry associations, who can connect with each other and at the same time share their resources with each other.

In this network we´ll find articles, podcasts, videos, mauals, presentations, ideas...everything that young people and their leaders look for, and all the things that they can contribute, in one, online location, the largest pool of youth resources in Spain.

This event had 3 objectives:
To connect: Connecting youth leaders and youth ministries to each other through a network of relationships.
To inspire: Inspiring with new perspectives in pastoring, the church and the mission.
To launch: Launching the Network of Online Youth Resources where the participants are registered and active on the site.

The address is:

In this event, the following groups participated: Alianza Joven, Comunicando Vida, JPC, GBU, Sepal, Oleluya, Contracorriente, La Industria and Ágape.

Mar Resa, Amy Gibson and Mariano Pineda represented Agape and got the word out about Archivo Cero (Zero File), EJE and Existe + Mundo to more than 100 young people and youth leaders.

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