Monday, 26 March 2012

The Latest Gathering of "Tu Sí Que Vales"

This past Saturday in Málaga there was another gathering of "Tú sí que vales." (You, yes, You are valuable!) "Tú sí que vales" is a workshop aimed at adolescent and young adult women in which topics are addressed such as self-esteem, how to live a healthy life, how care for your body and your image in a balanced way, etc. The topic of this most recent gathering of "Tu, sí, que vales" was the relationships between men and women.

The person responsible for this important talk was Gloria Medina. Gloria, together with her husband, has been working for decades to coach and mentor couples and families, giving talks throughout Spain and speaking at workshops for adolescents and young adults.

At this particular gathering, there were women of all ages, from teenagers and university students to older women, all of them full of questions on the subject at hand. After Gloria´s presentation, each one shared how this talk had helped her and all were pleased with the things that they had discvoered that afternoon.

The highlight of the workshop was that everyone was able to discover and become more aware of the importance of knowing oneself, to care for one´s self esteem and value as individuals, as women, knowing that, as Gloria taught, this directly influences one´s romantic relationships.

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