Thursday, 12 April 2012

Follow Up to the Llamados Conference in Valencia

On March 31st a follow-up gathering to the Llamados conference was held in Valencia. It was an event hosted for Agape staff, volunteers and students. The goals of this Llamados gathering were to bring together once again those who attending the Llamados conference in November 2011, to remember the challenges that were given during that time and to evaluate to see how those challenges had been applied in our day-to-day lives.

Marc Fuentes also accompanied the group in Valencia. The central theme was "the mission." During the different sessions, the principles of our mission were shared. There was also a time to evaluate how well those principles are lived out in the lives of those who participated in the meeting.

There will also be a Llamados Follow-Up Gathering in the south of Spain in Málaga on Saturday, May 14th. In the north, the same type gathering will be held in Barcelona together with participants from Madrid.

These follow-up gatherings serve to bring those people together who attended Llamados, the National Agape Conference and to keep remembering, challenging and evaluating those themes that were shared at the conference.

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