Monday, 28 May 2012

Volunteer Meeting With GAiN

This past April in Terrassa the first volunteers meeting with Global Aid Network (GAiN) was held. More than 60 people attended the meeting....volunteers and staff of the projects that are being developed such as the recovery house for homeless men which has 20 volunteers and the project with immigrant women in Terrassa in which 10 volunteers are serving, as well as 5 additional staff that are involved in the reconstruction of a children´s home in Haiti.

It was an open time where those involved were able to share with all about their experiences as volunteers with GAiN. The program was focused on helping to make known the various projects that are being developed by the volunteers. They were the protagonists of the evening. Several volunteers were interviewed in front of the group to discover their personal motivations for involvement with the needy and why they have chosen to partner with GAiN in their service.

At the same meeting were additional GAiN staff from other countries who were able to enrich the vision of GAiN by sharing their own experiences.

This month an application period will begin for homeless men to be able to live at the recovery house in Barcelona. So, along with this new stage, a new round of recruitment for additional volunteers to accompany them will also start.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Training For New Staff

The first phase of training for this year´s new staff  was held in Málaga last week. Edi Souto, Tere Álvarez, Rex Winn and Gema Álvarez hosted this time, presenting various topics to help encourage, motivate and prepare staff in this module of their training.

The objective of the gathering was to highlight our organization´s philosophy, its objectives and how it functions. Five people, four of whom are in the application process right now, participated in this meeting, which is the first of four meetings for New Staff Training.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Follow Up Gathering to "Llamados" in Barcelona

Last Saturday in Barcelona a follow-up gathering from the National Staff Conference "Llamdos 2011" was held. More than 30 staff and volunteers attended to remember and continue meditating on the topics that were addressed at this conference in Girona in November 2011. Marc Fuentes and Joan Armand facilitated the time. The participants were divided into groups and guided through questions and brief reflections on their calling and how to put it into action.

New Interview in INFINITAS: Isabel Fernandez

The latest Infinitas video interview, "Servicio Como Estilo de Vida" ("Service As a Lifestyle"), with Isabel Fernandez, is now available on line. 

Don´t miss all that Isa shares from her heart and her experience. You can view it at

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Original Soundtrack Archivo Cero (Zero File)

Does the name Archivo Cero (Zero File) sound familiar? Sure it does since we´ve been talking for a long time about this animated series that we´ve been promoting among young people around the country. But even more than just sounding familiar for all the talking about it that we´ve done, starting now you´ll also recognize it for the theme song that Praxiz has created for Archivo Cero called "Encuentra la Salida" (Find The Way Out).

See the video here:

Friday, 4 May 2012

Agape Málaga Enters High School

Today, a new challenge has begun for the Agape Malaga team. It´s a program that Mar Resa and fellow Agape staff have offered to a high school to work with students that are in suspension from school. The “Jardines de la Puerta Oscura” High School had a vacuum, according to the school principal, of help and attention that they could offer to the students that were suspended for bad behavior. Sending them home with a list of topics and activities to complete did not spur any of the students to reflect, to think about how to change, nor to even be aware of the long-term consequences of their behavior .

However, today an alternative has begun with Agape which our fellow staff from the Student Ministry in Málaga will offer. This team is made up of people who are not only willing to help these students with their homework assignments, but also willing to listen to them, to invite them to think and to show them alternatives to the verbal and physical aggression and the indifference to their studies.

Just today our fellow staff have begun to work with three students between 13 and 14 years old who have been suspended for two weeks. The school leadership as well as the parents of these students are pleased and very grateful for the work that Agape has offered.

We´ll share more about how this new experience is going for the Agape Málaga team who have started with such motivation, expecting big things and hoping to make a real difference. It is a very special opportunity for building bridges to change the lives of these young people.