Monday, 4 June 2012

La Fuente del Peregrino Opens for a New Season

This past weekend, part of the Fuente del Peregrino Team was in Ligonde making the final preparations for the Project 2012 kick-off of the Fuente del Peregrino. Yesterday the first team of volunteers arrived.

As of today, the "Fuente" has opened its doors to receive pilgrims for this season. We are so grateful to God because all the upcoming weeks are full with work teams from different places. These volunteers will dedicate a week to serve those who walk the "Camino de Santiago" (Way of Saint James). It is our desires that the "Fuente" would continue to open its doors, gathering beneath its roof the special people who walk the "camino." We pray that these special ones will be changed by the service and love they receive from the volunteers that care for them.

Pictured above-The start-up team for the 2012 season: Natán de Souza, Enric Andreu, Fanny Benítez, Rex Winn and 2 additional volunteers from Lugo.

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