Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The “Fuente del Peregrino” has once again opened its doors

The first work team, called “hospitaleros” (or greeters), led by Betsy, was made up of 2 from Cáceres and 7 from the United States. During their time at the refuge, they met an Italian who had walked the camino several times. He shared with one of the team members how he had felt hurt by institutional religion. Several days later, some of the work team were in Santiago and they asked God to give them an opportunity to see the Italian again.
When the work team arrived and the main square in Santiago, they heard a familiar voice that said, “Hello!” After greeting him, they told this Italian pilgrim how they had asked God to allow them to see him again. They also shared that they prayed even more that they would see him in heaven once he places his trust in God. He hugged them and thanked them.

They also met an Irishman who arrived at the pilgrim house, but when he heard that it belonged to a Christian organization he decided he didn´t want to stay at first. But in the end, he did stay. Later the man told them that, although he had only slept 2 hours the previous night, he was very interested in watching the Jesus film. One of the work team members shared many things with him, especially God´s love, and he was deeply touched.

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