Friday, 28 September 2012

Heartbeat Tallin: A European Mission

Every 4 to 6 years, all the Agape staff, together with their most committed volunteers come together in a European city to renew their vision, share their achievments in the mission and to celebrate together the love of Christ. When the European gathering for 2012 was still in the planning stages, it was decided that in order to carry out our mission as Christians in the city that hosted us and to give a good testimony of what it is to be a Christian, the conference should be designed with this mindset of  bringing the Kingdom of God there where we would be. That is how Heartbeat Tallinn was born.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was chosen to receive more than 1500 Christians to participate in this event, something that was surprising and completely unusual for this city.

Heartbeat Tallinn was not merely a European conference. It was a European mission. In the mornings, we gathered at Tallin´s Nokia Hall where we listened to testimonies and became familiar with new materials that were being developed and heard about plans for the future. In the afternoons, however, were dedicated to the city of Tallinn. There were groups that went to hospitals, others that went to homes in need, others that met with businessmen in the area, others that drank coffee with a group of Estonian young people...It wasn´t about big signs or grand events. It was about the small things, face-to-face, the one-on-one, in small groups scattered all over the city there were barely detectable but we were there everywhere.

The teenagers at the conference took over the main city square and created a fun space for all of the youth who were just hanging around with nowhere to be and nothing to do. They could come and spend time there. Concerts, games, activities, including a live version of Angry Birds.

The littlest ones were involved in a variety of activities all day long.

During the evenings there was no lack of concerts and other large events offered to everyone in the city. During the week we offered a great variety of high-quality events with a Christian influence.

In addition, the university students and Campus staff had the opportunity to gather and give testimonies of all that God was doing on the university campuses around Europe.

The week culminated in a large event that Estonians could only have dreamt of 25 years ago under Soviet domination: "Jesus Day," a gathering at Tallinn´s football stadium with all the different Christian denominations who came together to proclaim and praise God.

One of the best things about Heartbeat Tallin is that all the events that were created were a response to the needs of Christians in Tallinn. Agape just helped facilitate the process.

To read more about Heartbeat Tallin, please visit Heartbeat Tallinn´s website.

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