Thursday, 31 January 2013

Clean Drinking Water for the Children at Ça-Ira

In spite of the difficulties that were experienced at customs in the Haiti Port, the water purification system that Agape sent to the Ça-Ira Children´s Home is now up and working for the children and for the community. Thanks to this new arrival, now the 100 orphans and the 220 other students that attend the primary school in the center of town are directly benefiting from the tremendous contribution that the purification system is making toward good health.

In addition, it seems that the news of this system has spread to the nearby towns and many people are coming for the fresh, clean water, something still quite new in the area, in spite of the fact that it´s already been three years since the 2010 earthquake.

Until now, the water that the children´s home used came from a well that GAiN built shortly after the earthquake, but there wasn´t 100% confidence of its potability. Now, thanks to the purification system, which filters the water from that same well, the water comes out completely clean.

We want and hope that many more people come to know and have access to this water, knowing how important it is for the Haitian community, especially for the children, to have access to clean, quality water.

The sending of the portable purification system, H2Optima, was a joint effort by GAiN Spain and Optima Renovables, the creators of the purification system. The copmany donated the machine without cost so that those with such great need, like those in Haiti, could benefit from its numerous advantages, for example, the system is solar-powered, something very important in Haiti, given that the cost and the inconvenience of other types of energy.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Good-bye Arsenio

Yesterday morning we said "good-bye" to Arsenio, one of the most beloved neighbors in Ligonde, Lugo, the little town where the Fuente del Peregrino (Pilgrim´s Fountain refuge house) is located. Arsenio suffered a strong heart attack that ended his life. Natán de Souza had the opportunity to be present with his son and family yesterday afternoon as they said good-bye and he sent them all of our love and care.

All of us who have served at the Fuente remember Arsenio with his cane, his careful, slow-moving gait and the smile that he always carried. Without a doubt, he was an endearing man. Although he was always sharing old "war" stories that made you laugh, he also offered deep conversations and wise words. He was a man who had lived many years, and his life and its suffering had taught him many things.

Not long ago, through one of these conversations filled with sense and meaning with one of our fellow staff, he himself recognized that he was not good enough to go to heaven; but as the conversation continued, he also spoke of Jesus, his sacrifice and of salvation, and how John O´Neal had explained this to him many years ago and that he understood.

Sometimes, when the "Fuente" volunteers finished their volunteer week of work and were leaving, they would tell him, "Arsenio, we´ll see you next year," and he would answer, "We´ll see. When next year comes I might not be here..."

Without a doubt, we will miss Arsenio the next time we go back to visit and work in Ligonde. Although we will not find him sitting by the road where the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James) passes by, we will see him again one day, because, in the end, we have found the same way, the same truth and the same life in Jesus.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Joining the Team

This winter´s new staff training for Agape staff was held on January 11th and 12th in Terrassa and Barcelona. Miqui Forster, Mía Gutierrez and Dan Fernández have decided to link arms with us. Specifically, Miqui and Mía will work with the GAiN ministry and Dan will work with Athletes in Action.

Edi Souto, Marc Fuentes, Loida Martín and Gema Alvarez were with them, delivering principles and laying the foundation for these new staff. This training will be followed up by Ministry Partner Development (MPD) Training with María Juan which will begin January 28.

We are happy that our team continues to grow because we have many bridges yet to build so as to change many lives. Miqui, Mía and Dan are very eager to begin and have a deep conviction to dedicate their lives to serving others. Without a doubt, God continues to raise up young people who repond to the call to be "agents of restoration."