Monday, 18 February 2013

A Special Q-Valencia Gathering

On February 8th, Q Valencia invited friends, university alumni and current students involved with Q, ministry partners and other key individuals to learn more about what Q is.

A total of 32 people came to the cocktail event designed to present the ministry of Q, why Q is needed at the university and in our society. It was also a great chance to connect with each other as followers of Jesus and key people that they did not face-to-face until the event.

The gathering was relaxed and informal. Nacho Marques began the presentation by talking about Q: what it is, who they are, why Q is helpful and necessary for university students.

Following Nacho was National Director Edi Souto who traveled from Barcelona to share about Agape and Agape´s vision for our country and our society.

Rounding out the evening was special guest Gotzone Mora, a national politician who worked with different political parties and, as a result of his fight for human rights and against terrorism, now lives a life of protection accompanied by bodyguards. The police actually discovered documents from ETA where she was listed as an assassination target.

Gotzone calls herself a follower of Jesus and continues to fight for equality and justice. During the gathering, she shared her testimony, how she had to leave her home and is unable to return to the Basque Country due to death threats, and how she sees the current situation in Spain and how groups like Q are very necessary among university students for our society.

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