Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Archivo Cero on TVE (Spanish Television)

Televisión Española´s Channel 2 aired a report on their "Buenas Noticas" (Good News) program about Archivo Cero. During the report, they interview our fellow staff Eva Aldea, Marc Fuentes and Mariona Mirón who explained the how´s, when, and why´s of Archivo Cero´s inception. They shared Archivo Cero´s purpose as a tool to share with teenagers and young people about Jesus´ life through comic animation. They also discussed the creation process as each episode rolls of the production line and future projects in mind for this series.

"Buenas Noticias" highlighted the creativity of this tool, the importance of bringing the message of Jesus to our society in a modern, relevant and up-to-date way, especially for young people.

Click below to see the interview.

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