Friday, 31 May 2013

Thank You Josepa

Today is a sad day for all of us: Agape staff, supporters, friends and followers of Jesus. Last night the life of Josepa, Josep Monells' wife, came to an end. She was a sweet, endearing woman who fought for her family, for the gospel and for the ministry, together with her husband.

Since their youth as followers of Jesus, they shared the good news with those around them that God loved them. During a period when their country was experiencing a dictatorship, they were faced with many problems in their evangelistic effots, but it didn´t stop them. In 1960 they were even arrested, and their home, which housed the evangelistic materials they distributed,  was searched.

In addition to accompanying, supporting and participating shoulder-to-shoulder with their seven children and her husband in the pastoral work and the launching of the Barcelona Evangelistic School, they went to Mexico and the United States in 1969 to be trained by Campus Crusade for Christ.

In 1970 they started Agape Spain. Thanks to Josep Monells and his dear wife Josepa, we now continue on the path that they started in our country.

She was....a follower and servant with a faithful heart in love with Jesus.

She was....a supportive wife who helped her husband in all aspects of the ministry, including the church and our organization.

She was....a devoted mother and loved by her children.

Josepa was loved by all.

We grieve because good-byes are always painful, especially when the impact made by the departed was so deep, impossible to forget and so significant that it is worthy of imitation.

Thank you for your devotion, for your example, for your sacrifice, for your legacy, for your story and for being who you were.

We will always love you and remember you!